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CNS Fatigue, Juice and the Big Crash

I am currently coming off a 60 day cycle of Tren (1cc/day; I have one more days to go) and have been experiencing some awful times in the gym the past few days. I have lost my pump, I feel totally worn out and flat and very lethargic. I don’t feel like lifting. I don’t feel alert and sharp either. I have been getting headaches. I have dark bags under my eyes, although I have been getting 8-9 hours the past fews days. I could barely get through my workout the other day. Today was chest day. My workout was allright, so-so, but I definitely felt a little flat during the workout and very flat after the workout. Let’s face it-it wasn’t up to my standards. I have been doing 5X5 the past five weeks, while doing high-intensity jumproping on 3 of my off days. Before this week, I was getting outrageous pumps and my strength was increasing every week.

I took a week off 2 weeks ago during the holidays but I didn’t get much sleep (6-7 hrs/night). I think I should take another week off, as my CNS seems shot but I am concerned that I will lose muscle during this week. In my past experiences, during the first week or two post-cycle, one should be lifting low volume but heavy and intense to prevent losing a few pounds of muscle.

The past five weeks I have been dieting at 2400 kcals/day, with a nutrient breakdown of 33% P, 33% C and 33% Healthy Fats eating only P+C or P+F meal combos. My biggest meal is post-workout, 80 grams maltodextrin with 40 g whey hydro. My maintainance kcal intake is 2900-3000 kcals. I am supplementing with Vit C, a multivitamin and L-Glutamine (15 g/day.)
I drink plenty of water.

I am 5’7", 175 lbs with 12% bodyfat. My goal is to reduce my bodyfat down to 6-7%. Then I will bulk up again. Eventually I WILL be at 175lbs with 6% bodyfat.

I am thinking that I should take a week off and up my cals back up to maintainance.

My first question is, what do you all think about this strategy? Or should I up kcals and continue lifting but try not to go to failure during any of my sets.

Secondly, can anyone recommend a training program for someone who is CNS-overtrained but wants to preserve the mass gained on a cycle?

Thirdly, If I take a week off and up my kcals up to maintainance, when can I start cutting kcals and doing high-intensity cardio again?

Take 2 weeks off. You’re burnt out.

i didnt notice you mention anything about post cycle therapy?

do you have a plan for that?

As far as post-cycle therapy, I have started taking HCG five days ago, and will continue to take it for five more days (1 unit/day).

Can you recommend anything else? I don’t need to worry about anti-estrogens or estrogen blockers.

ok bro let me set you straight.

HCG is NOT to be used post cycle as it will keep you in a supressed state. HCG is to be used during cycle to combat testicular atrophy. there is an entire thread with around 80 responses on this very topic on the steroid forum. do a search for it.

you need to get your hands on some clomid asap. as well as some tribex and or red kat.

the typical dosing for clomid is 300mg day one 100mg days 2-6 and 50mg until you feel you are no longer supressed.

double or triple dose on the tribex.

your idea of taking a week off and eating maintenace level is correct. you might even want to eat a surplus of calories. when you resume training train with low volume and high intensity.

you might want to repost your question over on the steroid forum.

i hate to say it bro but this is the type of shit you need to research before you start using aas.

I am no expert but you should get some tribex
clomid and redkats to get you system back
up as quick as possible. I would post on the
steroid forums the good vets could help

I have never taken clomid before with my previous cycles. I read the posts regarding HCG use, but in my experience, starting HCG during the last week of doping (in my case, the last five days) is fine. The HCG therapy will basically postpone my recovery by five days (the five days post-cyle in which I will complete the HCG therapy). I do agree with you that I need to get some clomid, and I will tomorrow. I will start the clomid after I am finished with the HCG.

I will get some tribex as well. I am worried that when I resume training, especially low-volume high intensity, that I will further potentiate CNS fatigue. Maybe the solution is to not go to failure during any set, do some 10X3 type of training.

10x3 will tax the hell out of your nervous system! id keep the volume even lower than that, like 5x3 perhaps. id also only go with 2 exercises per workout. 5 sets of bench and 5 sets of rows for example.

get the clomid and load the shit out of it!

Sounds like a plan. I just bought Tribex today, my Clomid should be in by Monday. I have never done low low volume like 5X3, but if that’s what it takes…so be it. I am thinking that I should probably train as follows:

Day 1
A1: Flat Bench DB 5X3
Rest 90 sec
A2: High Hammer Rows 5X3

Day 2
A1: 3/4 Squat 5X3
Rest 90 sec
A2: Janda Situps 5X3

Day 3 REST
Day 4
A1: Dips 5X3
Rest 90 sec
A2: Barbell Upright Rows

Day 5
A1: DB Stiff-Legged Deadlifts
Rest 90 Sec
A2: Donkey Calf Raises
Rest 90 Sec

Day 6,7 OFF

I will perform this for three weeks at a kcal intake of 3000-3200 with 50%C, 25%P and 25% Health Fats. I will start Clomid and Tribex upon cessation of hCG therapy.

3/4 Squat 5X3