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CNS and its Role in Squats/Vertical Jump


The last few weeks i've noticed some very interesting outcomes with my cns:

  1. if i would just go up and do a standing vertical jump i'm consistent with about 29 in. but if i were to run 4 20 yd sprints, rest a couple min. and then perform a standing vertical jump i'd get 32
  2. same thing with squats, 1 session i warmed up with squats and i tested my max squat at 310 lbs, 5 days later i squatted again but this time i did 2 sprints and some agility ladder beforehand and my new max was 350 lbs
  3. has anyone else noticed similar events where just performing a few sprints or anything performed very quickly like the agility ladder where their lifts go up 40 lbs. and vertical goes up 3 inches? does this mean i have a "lazy" cns but performing a very fast activity gets it "fired up" quickly?


well it simply means you are firing up properly when you do the very short sprints/agility ladder.

glutes/hamstrings/quads/calfs/shoulders activation and arousal levels will all be increased with the very short sprints.

ankles/"calfs" activation, and limb quickness will be increased with the agility ladder.. limb quickness just because you're more woken up CNS-wise also.

the quality of the pre-requisite warmup work will have a dramatic effect on max strength, explosive strength, and reactive strength.. as you have seen.



i think maybe your not getting a good warm up..a dynamic warm should fire you up..


thanks adarqui i've seen 1 of ur vids on youtube great job, how much of a difference do u notice with ur vert when ur not warmed up compared to after u've ran a couple sprints?


I think you've inadvertently discovered the benefits of a dynamic warmup.
Dynamic warmups prior to weight training and any type of training can greatly increase performance because they activate the correct muscles and prime them for "battle." In my opinion, it's imperative that you perform one before all weight training sessions because it helps activate, but also reduces soreness and enhances recovery.


I used to never warm up. Ever. My warm up consisted of 30 seconds of dynamic stretching.
I noticed that if i warmed up first, my pr would fly.
Who knew?


thanks man

huge difference.. plus im almost 27 so if i dont warmup right i get hurt EZ.. something will pull etc.. so i always warm up.. i am inhibited until im warmed up properly, for example, my body shuts me down bigtime until i feel real warm/loose.

i mean if i went out and just started doing VJ's on my jumpmat, which ive done, it would be like 22-23 and take me a big amount of jumps to get to 27 standing.. if i warm up REAL good, ill start off at 27" standing and get to ~29" and possibly 30".