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CNS Activation


Today, for the first time, I really got a feeling of CNS activation during my squats. I'm doing 5/3/1 and this week is the 5/3/1 week. My work sets today seemed to get faster as I went. The reps were accelerating faster each set. My last set was 340. I set up, didn't stay tight, and dumped it. Reset the weight and got focused on it. Unracking it felt great. It was really light. Stayed tight throughout the movement, lowered the weight, touched the box, and exploded up. It felt like I had a rocket on my back accelerating me. Fast and ridiculously easy. I've never felt such a firing of my CNS before but would absolutely love to. In the past I seemed to be lifting more like a crane. Every weight would move the same speed. How can I train myself to get primed like that and explode?


A few box jumps before you squat.