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CNN Reporter's Shock Over Haditha



Puts the allegations in context somewhat.

Also another example that the mainstream media, however much they misunderstand military issues or (almost inevitably, given the day-to-day evidence) insinuate that Iraq is a lost war, are not anti-American.


I thought they tended to be, on average, anti-Republican, anti-conservative and anti-Bush, not anti-American.


That's probably accurate, but the right-wing chorus about the media wanting us to lose nad hating America just gets old fast.


With the right wing currently in charge of America it works out to be the same thing.

They are willing to cut down America to cut down Bush.


The media is owned by 7 multinational corporations and you believe they are anti GOP, conservative, etc.

Please give me a break!

This only proves that 'working the ref' for the past 40+ years has worked.

Clinton was absolutely savaged by the MSM.

Sensationalism sells advertising and it is safe to turn on this administration as they really have no leg to stand on.


The press is NOT anti-American. But they are anti-republican...No question about that!


While the ownership may not be anti-GOP the rank and file journalists are.

The overwhelming majority admit they vote Democrat and have for years/decades.

They claim they set aside personal feelings and don't let it intrude into their reporting but I find this harder to believe.

I believe major Hollywood studios are also owned by major corporations.

By your logic Hollywood actors would be pro-GOP. While there are a few that are, the overwhelming majority of opinions that come out of Hollywood are left leaning.


Please. They focused on his sordid sex life and almost ignored the real bullshit he pulled.

I am still pissed that he allowed missle targeting technology to be sold to China and the MSM under reported it.

They should have savaged him for that and ignored his sex life.