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CNN Poll: 83% of Americans are Crazy



How does anyone think they have the right to ask questions? This is total liberal bullshit!


Of course they have the right to ask the question.

All the results show indicate is that there are a lot of liberal conspiracy freaks watching CNN. If you spend any time at all watching The Situation Room you already knew this.

They played a viewer comment a couple of days ago with an old lady rambling on about the illuminati, mixed right in with other calls about how Rumsfeld is evil. The commentators didn't even blink at the illuminati crap. They just said somehting like, "Well it looks like most of our viewers think Rumsfeld should go."


People don't have the right to ask questions?


Ha ha..."a cover up of 9-11." Ha ha...priceless...just priceless..


I love how the left leaning posters take every opportunity to blast FoxNews yet ignore CNN's lunacy.

Idiots buy into Charlie Sheens 9/11 rambling because CNN shows it repeatedly and then does not bother to present the real facts of the case.

There is so much bogus information out there and so many dumb people it is no surprise that people have such bizarre beliefs.


I think a few of you folks are pretty bad at missing subtle distinctions.

For example, there is a big difference between Joe Schmo voicing a crazy opinion and having the staff sidestep the issue than having the staff support the issue.

The fact that the issue, say Illuminati, was completely ignored, in fact it sounds like the whole comment was ignored, speaks volumes to anyone intelligent. The commentator could think of absolutely nothing to say with respect to the comment and moved on -- which if you think, means they think the caller is nuts.


It's much more respectful than beating the poster over the head and asking them for the latest Illuminati info thus sidelining the main discussion.


hear hear.


The thing is, those who make the case for a cover up about 9/11 have some valid arguments. I'd love to see the other side of the story refute those arguments without simply calling the other side a bunch of wacko conspiracy theorists. Some people don't seem to think that secret societies exiest - they DO - I know several members of a number of different secret societies, and am still considering membership in one. Whether or not they're politically involved is a totally different issue, and franky, one which cannot easily be resolved due to the inherent nature of said societies. That being said however, I do not believe that most of them aspire to world domination or really ANYTHING political - I believe they exist to perpetuate secret (heh, or not-so-secret in the case of the Masons) knowledge/spirituality, and serve as a protective network for those involved. This is not to say that there COULDNT be a secret society pent on world domination - I'm just saying that I've not heard overwhelming evidience to support such a theory.

The other thing is that the poll is inherently flawed. Let's look closer at this: 82% of CNN viewers THAT EMAILED CNN TO VOTE on this poll agreed with Mr. Sheen's cover-up theory. OF THOSE WHO CARED ENOUGH TO SEND CNN AN EMAIL. Correct me if I'm wrong, but if you think Charlie Sheen is a nutjob, and that anyone who thinks there's a 9/11 coverup is a crazy conspiracy theorist who believes in nonsense, are you really going to care enough to send CNN an email!? HELL NO. You're probably going to change the channel to Fox News and hear commentators agree with some hillbilly about how the Mexican illegals are ruining our economy. Anyone who DOES think there's a conspiracy, however, won't hesitate to run to the computer and send in an email.

Statistics like this are inherently bullshit, and IMHO, do NOT belong on the air. This is poor journalism on CNN's part.


Yeah, I agree with that also.


I don't think this was a mistake on CNN's part. They know just as well as we do the poll is utter garbage yet they still do it.


This has been done many times and yet the refuted arguments keep rearing their ugly heads.

The people that espouse this stuff are whackos because they refuse to listen to the truth.


link me.



Sorry, but it's like the 'Isle of Row' riddle. This guy, on the internet, claims secret societies do exist. He and his friends know they exist, he can't post which friends or which societies because then they wouldn't be secret. However, enough people know about them that everyone should be pretty well convinced they exist based on his assertion, but no one knows who he is or how much truth he's spewing because it's the internet and not everyone can know about these societies because they're secret. Based on this information, do secret societies exist?


That's it! I'm creating a secret society? Want to join? Don't worry, the annual dues are pretty low...


Well, using pure reason, you can assume one of two things:

Either A, There's no such thing as secret societies, and for whatever reason (perhaps I'm a crazy person, or I've been lied to, or I just like to make shit up to see what the idiots out there will believe, and I'm not alone, because there are people who have devoted their careers to studying secret societies), there have been these crazy myths about people getting together and being secret about secret stuff instead of just drinking beer and watching football like everyone else. People don't keep secrets from one-another, they don't share hidden allegiences, and people whose beliefs are counter to what mainstream society believes won't hide their beliefs to avoid persecution.

Or B, Secret societies DO exist, and you simply haven't had personal contact with them or anyone that has (that you know of). If I had made the assertion that Golden-Lion Tamarins exist, you probably would've believed me, even though you've never seen one - they're rare - but they do exist.

As for my friends, I don't think they'd appreciate me mentioning them or the societies they belong to. I can name the more "public" of societies, like the Freemasons, Khlysty, and the Esoteric Order of the Golden Dawn, but know that there are a great deal of "subsects" and secret orders WITHIN these societies. In many cases, the society itself is not "secret" per se, like the Masons, but they HAVE secrets, and there ARE secret orders and subsects within the overall society.

So, either I'm crazy or I'm lying to you (and have zero motivation to do either one of these things), or I'm telling the truth, and you've made incorrect assumptions about the world. Have I lied to you before? Have you made incorrect assumptions about things before?

Think about it logically for a minute.


Are you crazy? If I'm not mistaken, you proposed pacifism as a solutions to militant Islamic fundamentalism.

But let me think about it under the assumption that you're not crazy...

Oh, okay I was wrong in my belief that there are no secret societies (Which I didn't really hold.). Now, it's so clear. I'm convinced that there actually are secret societies because somebody on the internet says there are and that 'his friends' are members. As a matter of fact, there are many secret societies and lots of people know about them/are members, and nobody talks about them because they're secret. As a matter of fact, we're not even having this conversation right now...

I'm going to go join vroom's secret society but only if he promises to keep my identity and membership status a secret from me and everyone else, including other members.


only from a devil's advocate point of view. :slightly_smiling:

hehe, how will the annual fees be deducted from your bank account? tacked onto the cable bill?

The thing is, secret societies aren't so secret, until you get deep, deep, within them. I personally don't have a vested interest in whether or not you believe in them, that's up to you - I merely stated the point of view that we really don't KNOW if there is a secret society behind the scenes making a power play, but that it's certinaly POSSIBLE.



This covers many of the theories.

Of course they are like weeds. They keep popping up.


C'mon Zap, that article was written in the vicinity of an office that Ben Chertoff (Who may or may not be a cousin to the DHS secretary.) may or may not have worked in at the time, not only that, but the people who contributed are government employees like Air Traffic Controllers and County Coroners, who are clearly biased.


Cheers, Zap - good link so far! So far I have a couple of questions, but I'll wait until I've read the whole thing to repost about it.