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CNN Moves Away From News, Throws In The Towel


CNN has discovered what most already knew, that you cannot make money as a cable news channel when your reporting flat out omits certain stories, is loose with facts and attempts "journalism" from a liberal perspective.

Look for Democrats to craft some sort of future government bail out for MSNBC.

"CNN still says that its "bread and butter" will always be breaking news. But it is in that arena that the network has been hit hardest. Once upon at time, even when Fox News dominated in the ratings, CNN would still come in first when big news broke. America was still turning to CNN when it mattered.

Today, Fox News not only dominates the everyday ratings but retains that domination during big news events, such as the Boston Marathon bombing and this week's off-year elections. Moreover, during big news, CNN is now losing to low-rated MSNBC."

"The writing on the wall is clear: CNN simply will not survive if it attempts to continue on as a cable news network. Years of left-wing bias have cost the network its "Most Trusted Name In News" status, as has a series of factual bungles during big news events. During the Trayvon Martin story, both of these liabilities came out in full force."

You know when you "lean forward" you usually fall.

The network of Al Sharton and Rachel Maddow, Chris Hayes and Lawrence O'Donnell are standing at a 30 degree angle. How long can they hold that pose?