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CNN Debates


Bachmann decides to throw her hat in the ring.

Gingrich and Cain show themselves to be bigots of the highest degree.

Romney:I am not Obama but I sure can make a health care plan like his.

Top three this time

1.Ron Paul

Cain was holding the number 2 spot till he went full on bigot against Muslims, not looking at him again and he sure as hell will never have my vote after that.


I thought Romney won. Paul can talk about the economy (half-convincingly half of the time) and has some good ideas but he looks like a chimp trapped in quicksand when someone asks him a question related to foreign policy.


Bachman showed some genuine 'gravitas' in the debate, which surprised me a little. The mainstream media had portrayed her as a raving lunatic, which I should have known NOT to listen to.

Its troubling how even someone aware of their influence can be swayed. Mea Culpa.


Funny and accurate all at the same time. You're in good form my friend.


To me the chimps were everyone except Ron Paul. He talked about ideas and the rest of them talked about themselves.

Pawlenty was just horrible....you notice how in a few of his answers he said Paul was correct in his assessment and then would go on blathering about nothing? All of them except Paul were all, I, me, me, I, I, blah blah blah.

I actually don't mind Bachman too much though she is all rhetoric. When it comes down to actually doing the right thing I trust she will be like all the rest. Just talk.


Much obliged, Zeb.


I found it somewhat disappointing. I guess Paul and Pawlenty have my attention more than the others. If Rick Perry(Texas gov) confirms that he is running, he will add some strength to the race. Im not sure if the rest of America is ready for another Texan though.


I was really disappointed with CNN not inviting Gary Johnson to the debate, the more I read about him, the more I like him. The debate was predictable, lots of Obama bashing, but not much in the realm of actual solutions and ideas. Most everyone last night sounded a tad kooky, except for Paul - he sounded like a bumbly, grumpy old man. He was much better in the last debate.
Romney actually sounded presidential, but I wouldn't vote for him. I was mostly unimpressed last night, not much there.


Ron Paul as usual was the best, but he's not going to be elected. The winners, other than Paul, were Romney and Bachman. Bachman wasn't half bad but yes, as LIFTI said, too much rhetoric. But Bachman is a big step up from Palin.


Ron Paul is winning CNN's online poll by leaps and bounds.

Now with that being said, CNN should never host another Republican debate again because wow they asked some stupid questions.


John King did an unbelievably bad job as the moderator. His grunting in the background drove me up a wall. He asked stupid questins and interupted every answer.


John King fucking sucked.


I thought maybe that was an issue with their streaming feed that I could hear mumbling in the background...?

Was that intentional? Irritating, indeed.


Yeah that stuttering grunting was extremely irritating.


I find it very comical how out of touch with reality some of the posters here are.


King sucked indeed! Interuptions abundant. Did we really need an hour of Anderson Cooper's BS "analysis" after a 2 hour debate? NO! Give that time to the field to answer questions. I don't need CNN and their contributors to tell me who won, especially when they were obviously full of shyte. "Romney looked presidential" I don't F'ing care! Quit labeling him as the "front runner". His responses were typical established Republican garbage.

I actually watched it twice. Ron received applause more often and at higher decibles than anyone else on stage. How was RP chimp like on foreign affairs? I thought his response was pretty straigh-forward...it's none of our business. He explained that it hurts us financially and puts us in danger from those that aren't so happy about us occupying and bombing their countries.

I hope CNN never hosts a debate again. Their bias was and is obvious.

Latest CNN poll results:

1st place-Ron Paul @ 79%
2nd place-Mitt Romney @ 6%




Really, an applause-o-meter?


So much less objective than media shills.


Or one could listen and decide for one's self.