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CME II- Building The Perfect Beast

Has anyone read and used the protocals in building the perfect beast, im thinking about it but would like to see if anyone has tried it and what the results were like.


[quote]biscuite wrote:

NO what?

exlaining the NO would have helped.

Wideguy is using the BTPB cycles maybe he will weigh in…

i have read the first book, planning to buy CME II… however i use that book for research and reference purpouse… By now i am on a first cycle with only test e and proviron…

i’ll try to explain NO

well, it goes something like this. No means the opposite of YES. In this particular case Yes refers to positive answer to your question - has anyone used the protocols? No on the other hand refers to negative answer to above given question.
So to summarize - NO means No and Yes would mean YES to the use of protocols.

I guess that clears things up a bit.
Unless you need a diagram :slight_smile:


[quote]The Saur wrote:
exlaining the NO would have helped. [/quote]

This book comes up everyone once in a while. The ideas in it are interesting, but very hard to execute.

No they’re not that hard. Following it to a T (pun intended) isn’t easy. I did something like this

Max androgen phase

1 gram of test enth a week
150 mg of drol day 1, 100 mg day 2-3, 75 mg day 4-5, 50 mg day 5-10
500 mg tren ace a week

For 4 weeks

Overlapped the last 2 weeks with an anabolic aas phase using

50 mg winstrol eod
400 mg masteron a week
700 mg of prop a week

Overalapped the last week with an htpa recovery/corisol suppression phase

lean extreme

Then another abosulute phase using primo var and test.

Thats winding down around now. I’ve used less gear then I have in previous “summer cycles” and made very similar if not better gains. I’d like to do another short max androgen phase overlapped with a absolute anabolic phase igf/slin/hgh/t-4 then start my pct and keep running my hgh at 3-4 iu’s for the next 6 months but I’m not sure yet as I’ve never used hgh and that’s a large investment.