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CMC Arthritis and Lifting

Hey all. I am 31. I’ve had thumb pain since my early twenties. Went to all sorts of doctors who didn’t know what the issue was. I went to an ortho in May who told me I have CMC arthritis. On my x ray he could see bone spurs.

Also he said my joints are subluxated. He told me to know anti inflammatories but keep doing my normal routine until it reaches the point when I need surgery done. He told me to get a cmc neoprene brace that cushions the thumb area so I can workout. I have no been able to find anything with cushioning on the thumb.

Anyone here who has the same issue, what do you wear when you workout? Anyone have any recommendations for a brace or even a well cushioned workout glove? I am not able to work through the pain. The pain is very bad. Thank you.