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Clusters with Too Many Lifts Per Workout?

Hey CT,
Love your stuff and reading your new cluster article has made me want to try them out for the next 8 weeks or so. But I was curious do you ever do multiple lifts with cluster sets like a day that would go

Example day
Squat 3 cluster sets
Bench 3 cluster sets
Pendlay Row 3 cluster sets

Or is that generally considered too much really high strength work in one go. Would love to hear your thoughts and your 20 minute muscle building workout program has saved me since I started working 50+ hours every week and was making no progress for a couple months so thanks

I use that approach extensively with athletes and powerlifters I train.

They train 3 days a week using a whole body approach (3 competitive lifts for the powerlifters) and on some phase the 3 daily lifts use clusters. But they do have 3-4 days off per week and minimal auxiliary volume.