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Clusters with EMOM?

I have always enjoyed clusters, and i liked your new article going over the different ways to perform them. I really like the Giant Cluster idea. Would these be more useful for strength, size, or conditioning.

I also wanted to know what you thought of doing this in an EMOM style. I have recently been picking 4 movements I want to get better at, and doing EMOM with a given weight starting at 10 sets of 2 and progressing until I can get 15 sets of 3 and then adding weight. Could the Giant Clusters be done in EMOM fashion? There is something about having the buzzer go off and tell me its time to lift that I really like.

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Yeah it would work, it gives it a little structure.

Thanks Coach. I have been doing sets of 3 in the 80% range, and I really like it when I am doing them EMOM. What will benefit the most with doing this Giant Cluster strength, hypertrophy, or other? i have noticed that since doing this the muscle group i focus on that day feels harder a few days after. Not so much a pump but hard to the touch, and I have been making strength gains as well.