Clusters vs Rest Pause

Which are more neurologically taxing? I really like both styles but as I am getting older 54, I just don’t want to burn out.
What I like most about Rest Pause is the self regulation. I don’t know though if I should be Doing 1 set to technical or speed breakdown, then pause, another until form break, and then a third, or I should just do sets of say 3 after the first and quit when I can only do 2 reps and am at a 9.
For Clusters, is it always better to do 1 rep with a 3 rep max or are sets of 2 ok. I don’t want to diminish the effect. When would you go up? When you can hit a goal of say 6 or 7 reps?
I am real thankful for this forum. I have absolutely learned a lot.
Have you written about or could you point me in a direction for a good plan or approach for us older dudes?