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Clusters for Neurotypes


A few questions regarding clusters for type 2Bs, assuming a 4 or 5 day bodybuilding split:

  1. Which versions are appropriate for type 2B (singles, doubles, triples, 3-2-1s)?

  2. How many sets?

  3. How many weeks until it’s time to switch methods?

Thanks very much.

Type 2B clusters

Type 2B are all about sensation, feeling. This is true for their life, their training and their nutrition. They are emotional and easily build strong connections with people they are close to. They need to feel a strong mind-muscle connection and get a good pump or increase in muscle tone when training to feel satisfied and motivated. While they can lift heavy from time to time, it is not what they like to do the most. They only like to do it to get recognition and respect from others since they build their own self-esteem by how others perceive them.

Intensity zone: 82-87%

Number of reps: 5 – 8

Rest between reps : 10 – 15 seconds

Number of sets : 3 – 4

Is this the number of reps per micro set or total for the entire cluster set?

For the total set.

A TRUE cluster only uses singles. Micro sets of 2 or even 3 can also be used, but this is what a true cluster would look like for a 2B

Thank you. Is there a benefit to a 2B using singles vs 2s or 3s considering our relative sensitivity to heavy loads?

Well you need to look at the purpose of true clusters: it’s a strength-building method first and foremost. So just like with any strength method, cluster are not optimal for 2Bs and can be used 2-3 weeks.

The Micro-sets of 2, 3 or even 4 are what’s called “muscle rounds”. One of Scott Stevenson’s favorite training method. Myo-Reps also use micro sets of 3-4 reps.

Muscle rounds ARE better adapted to a 2B than clusters.