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Clusters for Main Lifts in Best Damn Strength Program?

I am on week 7 of the Best Damn Strength program. I like it, I am making good progress, but I am a 1b and even though I am happy with the program, I desperately want to change it. Just a little. As the title says, I would like to do clusters for the main lifts. I am thinking Poliquin clusters. What do you think? How would you periodize? Still one work set, or maybe 2?

Yeah, it would be one work set with a few gradually heavier sets of 3 reps to ramp up to the work set.

As for periodization, this goes outside the scope of a Q&A forum as it means rebuilding a 12 weeks plan.

The one recommendation I would make is to use Poliquin clusters for 3 weeks, deload one week, Miller extensive clusters for 3 weeks, deload one week, Miller intensive clusters for 3 weeks, deload 1 wee, test max


Awesome thanks coach! I am interested in the 1b strength plan on the thib army site too. I’ll get it sooner or later I think.

I’m updating the line of programs in the upcoming weeks.

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I am curious, why no hypertrophy plan for 1b? I am guessing because we typically don’t respond well to hypertrophy plans and get bored to easily?

It’s more of a performance-based approach.

The new plans, which will be uploaded in the coming weeks will be a tad different (still not that much hypertrophy work).

A pro football player that I train (1B) made the comment when he received his plan that there was not much hypertrophy work and that he needed to gain weight. 5 months later he went from 208 to 227 at the same body fat level.

Same with a bobsleigh guy I train. He went from 210 to 225 without doing any “bodybuilding” work.

Well, as much as I say I want to get bigger, when it comes down to the work, performance is the thing that motivates me the most.