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Clusters as a Circuit?

Would cluster training be as effective when done as a circuit such as…
A1 Zercher squats 4 sets 2-2-2 resting 15-30 seconds between cluster reps
A2 Bench press 4 sets 2-2-2
A3 Romanian Deads 4 sets 2-2-2
B1 Chins 3sets 3-3-3
B2 Dips 3-3-3
For instance doing zercher squats 2-2-2 then Bench 2-2-2, then romanian deads 2-2-2. repeat 4 rounds before moving onto B exercises.
Would this be effective or would straight sets work better when doing clusters

Just feel like i can get alot more work in a much shorter period of time. probably just resting 1 min tween circuits.

Well, first it seems like way too much volume of clusters.

Second, clusters are extremely neurologically demanding. Pairing two or three exercises together further increase neurological demands (because you have to switch your mental focus from one pattern to the next). This is why I have stopped using exercise pairings when using very demanding methods.

Don’t forget the 6 training variables that can increase cortisol levels:

  1. volume
  2. Intensiveness (how hard you push each set)
  3. Psychological stress (highly related to how heavy you are using)
  4. Neurological demands (complexity of the exercises, exercise pairings, force production, etc)
  5. Density
  6. Competitiveness

The workout above is high in 5 of the 6. Most people will crash and have bad results from it. But feel free to try it, but don’t say that I recommended it.

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Thanks Coach! The above example was a recent day when i knew i wouldnt be able to workout for 3 days afterwards. So i kinda wanted to hit everything. But i can certainly see how it could burn u out. Hell i may go total opposite of that and just do two big compound exercises ( Not Pairing) and nothing else on that training day. I tested positive for type 1A on your neuroexam so hitting two big exercises only using clusters may be my best bet. It certainly sounds more fun!

Yes, that’s what I had a pro football player do: 2 big lifts using 3 cluster work sets. Each exercise done individually (not A1/A2)

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Thank you sir!