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Cluster Training, Need Help.

so in about 3 weeks, i’ll be starting some clusters. i’m only gonna be able to work out twice a week, as my schedule is gonna be hectic for about 6 weeks, so i figured i’d squeeze in some good strength training for those 5-6 weeks.

i was planning on doing something like:

horizontal push, vertical pull, unilateral hamstring, bilateral quads

Vertical push, horizontal pull, bilateral hamstring, unilateral quads

never doing clusters, i estimate that if i have 10 seconds between each rep, and 20 between each set, then each part will last about 15 mins, so thats about an hour and 15 mins after the warm up/cool down(normally 8-10 mins on elliptical, and then another 5 or so mins on the elliptical afterwards)

any input on this would be great. since i’ve never done clusters i dunno if my time is off or not, or how long i should rest between sets. i think it was recommended 45 secs starting out, but that seems like it’ll take forever, and i’ve only got 1.5 hrs or so tops for each workouts…

any other ideas for good 2 day programs for 6 weeks or so would be greatly appreciated as well.