Cluster Sets for the Classic Lifts

Hello! I have been considering the use of cluster sets for the snatch and clean and jerk. Is there an intelligent way to set this up or would I be better off using the cluster sets for Pulls, Squats and Push Presses/Behind the Neck Jerk? If so, do you have a suggestion on intensity for the Classic Lifts if the strength work is done using cluster sets? Your input would be appreciated, thank you.

Clusters actually come from the training of the olympic lifts. Think about it, how does an olympic lifter do a set of snatch or clean & jerk? Lift the bar, drops it, reset slowly (sometimes even rechalk), lift, drop, reset slowly, lift… Basically a cluster. So there is no reason why you cannot apply clusters to the classic lifts. The main difference vs. strength lifts is the percentage used which should be a little lower with the olympic lifts

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Never thought of it that way thank you. Would 80% for triples and 85% for doubles be a good starting point if my max snatch double is 90% of my best single?