Cluster Sets 3x4 or 5x3

I read your article about cluster set and have several questions.

-Im planning to do 4x3(1,1,1) or 5x3(1,1,1) clusters 95% of 1 RM is it possibile to do with 30 or 40 sec. rest, 3 min. rest between sets tempo 50X0?

-How much weight approximately can be added to upper and lower lifts for 4x3 or 5x3 next workout?

-For how many workouts cluster can be done?

-I was thinking about doing pause reps 3 sec. for straight sets,are they worth doing(will they do more fatigue) or just go with touch and go?

No, it’s likely not possible. Doing a 5 sec eccentric pretty significantly reduces the amount of weight you can lift in a near-max effort. In fact, even 3 normal reps (e.g. a 2010 tempo) would be VERY hard, if not impossible, at 95%. Don’t forget that unracking the weight takes energy and as such, a 3 reps cluster is often just as hard as 3 normal reps not done as a cluster.

And I’m not even talking about multiple sets… at a true 95%, you will not be able to do it. Heck, you likely will not get one set. And you’d need at least 5 min to remove all the residual fatigue just to MAYBE have a chance at completing the second set.

Can and should are two different things. You CAN do clusters for as long as you like, you will not die or implode. But I find that using clusters for more than 4 weeks can backfire, especially with near-max clusters.

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Basically, all you wrote is honestly really bad. Sorry.

Thanks for your answer Christan.
I was looking Miller intesive clusters decrease rest time and put tempo which is impossible to do.
Sets: 4-5 work sets
Reps: 2-4 cluster reps
Load: 95-97.5%

Rest between reps: 45-60 seconds
Rest between sets: 4 minutes
Can you write 4x3 or 5x3 clusters precentage and rest time?
Is t possible to do 5x3 at 95% of 1RM with rest time 60 sec. and 5 min rest.

pon, 15. svi 2023. 19:11 Christian_Thibaudeau via COMMUNITY - T NATION <> je napisao:

Not with a slow tempo. And not everyone will be able to do that with “normal” reps either. I’ve seen people who are VERY fast-twitch dominant OR very strong, not be able to do high % clusters with more weight than if they did normal sets.

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