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Cluster Reps for Size Gains


Anyone ever done hypertrophy clusters with any success? Been on them for a few weeks now. Taking 4 sets of 10 @ 65-75% 1RM with 2-3 minutes rest and doing 8 sets of 5 @ 65-75% 1RM with 1-1.5 minutes rest.

Johnathon Oliver et al. did some research showing same size gains, greater strength, and greater power gains.


I’m not sure about cluster REPS but Charles Poliquin has written and talked about the effectiveness of cluster SETS quite a bit. According to him the studies have been slow to demonstrate what he has know for years and that is that cluster sets are great for size and strength. His method, if I recall, was to use a weight that you could do for around 6 reps and then do sets with only 15 seconds rest between them.
I have yet to try them so I’m just throwing this out there. If you want to hear him yourself check out the Powercast podcast with Mark Bell.
Also…here are a few great articles about it from this very site.


Thanks. Yes, it’s SETS not REPS.

There are a ton of methods to implement them, I find the 8 sets of 5 (if 4 sets of 10 would be done otherwise) is an awesome way to get high volume and train at a higher velocity.

For power athletes, I can’t see any downside to doing this in a hypertrophy phase.

Thanks for the feedback, the articles are super helpful.


One of Waterbury progression model is based on that concept.

Look up the art of Waterbury.


Will do, thanks