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Cluster Rep Styles

CT, I have gathered from your writings (and others of whom I have read about Clusters from) that there are many different styles of cluster reps. I was wondering if you could go over some of your favorites and what you feel their best application is.

The styles I’ve seen most commonly are:

  • Clusters to failure (1 rep at a time until you cant do any more, as seen in the layer system)

  • Cluster 3-5’s (1 rep at a time, a total of 3-5 reps, as seen in the Indigo Strength Program)

  • Giant Clusters (1 rep at a time, AMRAP in a specified time frame)

  • 2 Rep Clusters (2 reps at a time, using a 5rm to get 8-10 reps in a “set”)

  • 3-2-1 Sets (not technically a cluster rep, but its very similar, and its in your Indigo Strength Program Phase 2)

Any insight on how to rotate these in and out for maximum strength/hypertrophy?

Any of them more fatiguing than the others?

Does one style work better for certain exercises than others? (High pull vs. TBDL for example)? I gather the Clusters to Failure is probably best suited for dead-stop exercises where failure isnt a safety or performance issue, for example.


Sorry on phone, hope that page helps buddy