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Cluster Method Alone


Hi, I was wondering if anyone here tried the cluster training method but alone (without spotter). Because I bought the dvd some time ago and I wanted to give it a try but I think that it could be OK for some movements such as Deadlift, bent-over row, barbell curl and so on...but what about bench press?

Did you replace it by smith machine bench press?



dont use smith machine bench press, its just not the same thing and you wont benefit from it as much. you will most likely need a spotter to do cluster for bench unless you drop the weight 5% so i suggest trying to find yourself a good workout partner



Power Racks are beautiful things


Any suggestions for replacing bench press?

What kind of chest exercise could I use with cluster method?



mayeb you could try dumbells and rest with them on your knees?


ok, yah. Maybe that would be a great idea since I'll push less heavy than bench press. Also, it looks like it is safier.