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Cluster 5- Rest For 5 Seconds?


Hey CT, I'm on week 9 of Jacked and noticed there's a new technique I'm not familiar with, which is the Cluster 5 approach.

I did a search on the site here and found some information that it appears I rest the bar for 5 seconds at the bottom of the lift before exploding it up. Is that correct?

For example on the Bench Press, do I lower the weight, rest it on my chest for 5 seconds then explode up??

If so I'd assume that for squats tomorrow it's the same where I squat down and hold for 5 before exploding back up.

I just want to make sure I'm doing it right...



Not exactly...

In the power rack ... put the bench in the rack and the safety pins at a level where the bar is about 2-4'' from the chest when you are lying down.

From there, press the bar up (as in a regular bench press) then lower it back on the pins, wait 7-10 seconds, press it again... you do that for 5 reps.

Same thing for squats, except that you are in the 90 degrees position at the start, but the bar is resting on pins.


Ignore this, I just had to read a little further...