Clumpy Very White Ejaculation

This has happened before to me and I know will be temporary. Am sure it’s because I recently changed my dosage.

But why does this happen again? Estrogen? Higher t?

Btw, I also started vit b6 recently to bring down my always slightly high prolactin.


No, unless you are noticing decreased volume.

Could have many possible causes, dehydration, infection, irregular, less frequent sex among them. It is no big deal unless it is frequent. If it does seem to be present with increasing regularity, you should get it checked out.

Well I’ve had decreased volume for quite a while.

The new thing for the past few months is the first few shots when ejaculating are dry then maybe some comes out on the last 1 or 2 shots.

My psa was .6 and just did another one at .8
I ejaculate everyday. Mostly cause of sex.

If I edge (30 minutes +) then my ejaculation seems much better.

Could this jelly like cum be cause I started lowering prolactin with b6.?


Hcg clears this up most of the time. Without it volume decreases and viscosity increases over time.


I have not heard of that. From what your are reporting, I would not worry about it. If it is an issue for you, I’d try the hCG.

Happened to me when I moved from CA to AZ and was super dehydrated for the first few weeks of summer. Just had to drink more fluids

Recently started my HCG 12 week cycle and immediately had an increase in flow. Precum more readily available. When I come off HCG Im sure Ill have less

I’ve had the oddest ropes of my life on TRT. Different than yours though, huge reduction in viscosity. Like tons of clear prostate fluid and not enough ball jam. Also delayed as fuuuuuuck sometimes. Went on some HCG finally, and it’s starting to return to normal pretty quickly so far.

I don’t think E2 or testosterone has as much to do with these things as does the loss of natural production. Soon as my balls started back up, the weird sexual shit started to subside.

I remember before I went on injections I tried clomid. During the clomid I was shooting which I rarely did. I want that back… But if that’s my goal am sure I’ll f something else up

When I tried Clomid I had what my wife called Vaseline cum, haha. Sounds similar to what the thread is about

TRT ended up pretty watery, I had the delayed thing too some, it was weird

On HCG now so things are fairly normal as best I can tell

I used to be really watery, on TRT it’s a lot less clear, thicker, and less volume too.