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Clumpy Creatine


Hi guys,

Bought some creatine from the net, recieved it but its kinda in "chunks". Just wondering if this was normal and if it's ok to use? I've only used creatine once, but I dont remember it looking like this!

Heres the stuff:



Sounds like its old or it got moisture in it somehow.


Is that a problem? Still fine to use?


Damn that shit looks like cottage cheese...

I'm not sure I would even touch it. What happens if you scoop some up and try and break apart the clumps. If it is just moisture, it might be ok, if it's something else you could get really bad stomach cramps if you tried to digest it.

Only one way to find out... Let us know how long you're in the bathroom.....


Well i've just put a teaspoon in my shake and am drinking it will, time will tell!!!! help!


Just to update, i've tried a teaspoons worth in my pwo shake and it was the foulest shit i've ever tasted. I'm guessing it's gone off somehow? It's Creatine Ethyl Ester HCl by the way (not sure if it's meant to taste that bad!!).

Any ideas whats happened?!


CEE is supposed to taste horable. (I haven't tried it yet...)

Its probibly just a bit of moisture/water. Shake it to break the clumps before you open it, and it should be fine.

How much are you useing by the way? (grams and teaspoons if you know, thanks)




It's fine. Just mix it in with your drink. Sometimes that stuff crystalizes. Next time try the pill form. It's a lot easier.


let me guess it's bulk cee right?

mine does the same, the thing is that it's low quality and manufactured in china. With a spoon try to break the bigger clumps into smaller ones

that's what I did, and let me know if it worked for you coz it didn't do anything for me


The only time mine looks like that is when it gets wet from scooping with a wet spoon.

I've heard that creatine is useless if the purity is sacrificed. Not sure if letting moisture in will change the purity or not though.


Moisture (water) did change the purity, you'd have to have a dry mouth and stomach...


If it got moisture in shipping, a good part of it (impossible to give a number) has become creatinine. It probably wouldn't do you much harm to use this tub if you really want to, but I'd go with good ol' monohydrate from a reputable seller next time.



Well I emailed the company I bought this from and this was the reply (very fast too!).


This is correct as you ordered "Creatine Ethyl Ester HCl" which does taste
bad but works great! You have used Creatine Monohydrate before (we sell that
as well) which doesn?t taste of anything but doesn't work as well.

You can add the CEE to some fresh orange this will help to hide the taste or
you could use empty capsules?

I'm about to go train in a bit so i'll give it a go after training with some orange juice!!


I was always told citric acid makes creatine useless...So orange juice might not be your best bet.

Unless I was mislead?


If it is moisture, a bunch may have already changed to creatinine (like someone else just said).

And no, a wet mouth doesn't instantly change it, and neither does mixing it in water and drinking it, unless you leave it in a liquid for hours (I forgot how long exactly it takes to change, but it's not imediate).

Creatinine won't do much for you (or so I've read).


ive never opened creatine up and saw that but it looks like sugar does when it gets air, i guess somehow it got some air, but if it had gotton wet it would have some darker spots in it.