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Clumps In the Creatine


Hey guys,

I opened up my creatine after a long hibernation period and there were clumps in it. The clumps were comprised of creatine but what? The expiration date is 9/06 but should I be worried?





Was it filled with moisture? Aparantely creatine begins to degrade into a slightly toxic form; creatinine when in water. If the thing is that old....


Yea, what he said.
No matter how old it is (except maybe for a couple of hours), if a good amount of moisture got in there to cause those clumps, I would bet that a large portion of those clumps would be the toxic form of Creatine, Creatinine (like Bruce said).

Not good IMHO.


Toxic? Your body doesn't use it. This should not be confused with "toxic waste". Any powder that gets opened and sits for a while will get moisture in the bottle. That doesn't mean you toss it out unless it is well past the expiration date. That goes for protein and creatine.