Clumping, Smelly Creatine?

Hi all.
i bought a 1kg tub of creatine around 7 months ago and have been using it constantly since then (around 5g on training days). Recently i’ve started to notice that a very strong and unpleasant smell seems to be coming from it, as well as that the powder seems to be clumping together and ‘hardening’.

The creatine is well before its use by date (only expires in 09) and there’s about 200g or so left so i’m just wondering is it still alright to use?

Also i’m currently living in singapore, so i’m wondering maybe the high humidity here is causing the creatine to clump up or go off quicker?

and replies would be much appreciated,

Smell? My last thing of creatin got clumpy at the bottom but never smelled like anything. I’d toss it.

Creatine shouldn’t taste or smell like anything and clumping? Sounds like humidity has gotten the best of it. I’m onboard with the toss it plan. It’s not like anybody is going broke getting some more.