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Clues You're Doing Things Right


Hey All

I was going over some little tips of mine with a few of the athletes that I coach regarding when you can tell you are doing things right. I figured I would start sharing.

One of my particular favorites is that your trash should smell really bad. It is a good indicator that you are getting lots of good, fresh food and that those scraps are decomposing (food prep scraps that is-you should be eating everything on your plate). Also, non-edible components of good foods (e.g. egg shells, bones/connective tissue from meat,) smell really bad when they rot.

What are your favorites?


You're consistently making progress in weight lifted/reps/combination of the two, without crippling yourself in the process?


Nah man, stinky trash is more important.


Does this also include protein farts? You know, like poultry farts and my personal favorite...egg farts??


She starts speaking Spanish and her moans wake up the neighbors.


Bwahahaha! This.


lol! Yeah, if I eat eggs in the PM or too much dairy, like have some plain chobani with Casein before bed I blast them all night. She's so pissed by morning. I haven't a clue cause I sleep like a f***ing log!


Smelly garbage? Are you serious? This might sound a little unusual but how about 'am I getting stronger?'


Getting stronger = good.
Belt fitting a lot tighter = not as good.

Use a tape measure occasionally, weigh yourself no more than once or twice a week (tops), and take pictures.

Pictures do not lie, you'll be shocked sometimes when you see yourself because you don't notice small shit since you see yourself everyday in the mirror.


Really man? If you're trash is sitting around till it is ROTTING you need some "little tips" on basic fundamental household cleaning.


Shirts are getting tighter, and hopefully the pants are getting looser.


What if your apartment building uses a sarlacc disposal? I can't get close enough to smell it, so how will I know if I'm on the right track?


"weigh yourself no more than once or twice a week (tops)"

Funny you should say this. There were a few months this winter that I weighed myself every day, and I made the slowest progress ever.

Who knows why. Once I just started weighing myself periodically I started gaining much faster lol.


but how did your trash smell?


hahaha, high five to you sir


idk about the loose pants... i can't fit into my pants i had before i started training because my thighs have gotten a lot thicker. i also have more than a few shirts i've had to give to my girlfriend because i cannot wear them anymore.