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im 29years old started weight training after the military and need help. ive been working out 2 months and put on 12 pounds.

my question is what goods could i use to get huge being that ive been told once i hit 30 everything about your body slows down. i started at 166 and am now 180 lbs. i work out 4 times a week and take in about 3500 calories and 250 grams protiens. i know it sounds stupid but ya bring up questions about juiceing at a gym everyone gets paranoid. please help


For fuck's sake...There is no magic pill, no miracle powder, nothing you can fucking rub on yourself to get as you said, "HUGE"!!!! It takes hard work and it sure as hell takes much longer than 2 fucking months before you start thinking about any type of gear. Most common rule of thumb would be to only consider gear after about 2 years of hard lifting. This is what most people on here will say...eat a ton, lift a ton, sleep a ton and you will grow. But don't dare think that after a measly 2 months you should be on gear getting "huge".


the title of the thread certainly fits....



well ive been training for almost 7 years, and i am always asking ?'s just like these.
and well yeah, nobody wants to talk about steroid using, exceptfor here on t nation.
in rply, first of all you need to work out more than 4 times per week at least 5, second to many calories if you ask me, altough i have been known to go up to 4000cal in an attemt to gain mass. it did not work.
calorie manipulation is the key, 2500-2900 should be sufficient in most instances. you may have a special circumstance that we know nothing of where you personally need more.
also, like i said in your other post timelime, more than 14 weeks on anything will bring your appitite up to the point of no return.


Raul, dude you have no clue what the fuck you are talking about. Please stop lurking and giving bullshit advice on things you know absolutely nothing about. This is the 3rd post I've seen you respond to with the nutritional and technical knowledge of a retarded chimp. Just answer me one question. Who, at a bodyweight of over 120 pounds would gain any weight on 2500-2900 calories a day?





Shut up and listen for a while.

You obviously know nothing, so take the opportunity to learn something.

2500-2900 cals!! Juicing!! You really have no F'n clue.

You just wasted 7 years of your life accomplishing absolutely nothing and you want to teach others! Please--go to the back of the class, sit down, shut up, and open your ears for a while



I know nothing about steroids. I do know something about age (I'm 35, not old, but older than most gym rats). I make better gains now than ever before. Being 30 or more will not in anyway hurt your ability to put on size. In fact I bet it is easier now for an ex-military type than a few years ago. I was military as well, all the endurance type activity makes it harder to put on mass, but that changes when you aren't doing days of what amounts to intense GPP with little food. Your body is adjusting and the gains will get easier not harder as you age. Sure, your hormonal profile will change, but so will your experience and lack of RUCK marching.

Bottom line, don't sweat it, just keep on keeping on.



I have to go with sasquatch, with saying raul has no clue. I am 30yrs 225 with about 9-10% body fat. Back when I was on gear I use to eat about 3500cal per day and whet to the guy no more then 4 time a week.

Steph, just keep on doing what your doing. You should beable to make great gains with out gear. Me, I think you should not think about useing for at least 2-3 years down the line. And dont listen to raul you will just waist your time.


Maybe so, but you still haven't learned a damn thing.

No. Terrible advice. If he's been lifting for 2 months, he has no business working out 5 times per week. Actually, 3 full-body workouts per week would be great.

Well, this is why people don't ask you. I just finished T-Dawg 2.0, and I was using 2500 kcals, and I lost a shitload of weight. Yes, 2500 kcals was a fairly strict cutting diet for me, at only 203 lbs (now 193 with significantly lower BF% and higher LBM). Read Berardi's articles, specifically the Massive Eating series, and you'll find out why your caloric intake isn't enough.

WTF is "bringing your appetite to the point of no return?" I mean, it sounds scary and ominous and all that, but does it actually mean anything?


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You've been working out for two months and you've put on 12 pounds?!!!
That's really good.Imagine what you can achieve in one year the way you're training now. And in two years imagine what you would look like. And dare I ask what you would be in 3 years if you continue doing what you're doing now?
So why do you want to use what ever it is you want to use again???


on his other post "timeline" steph76 wrote:i have been takeing a mass cycle of anavol, aminovol, and t3. can anyone tell me the max amount of time i can be on it before haveing to come off and if so for how long. im also takeing in 250 grams of protien and 3100 calories a day.


HAHAHA RAUL YOU DA MAN!!! 2500-2900 cals a day? Yeah I'm sure that's sufficient, IF YOU'RE A 13 YEAR OLD GIRL!!

What the hell does 14 weeks on anything will bring your appitite up to the point of no return mean?? Seriously, I don't think anyone could comprehend your intentions on that one...


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i thought you were a fan of Trisha :))

hope you well bro



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