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Clueless Padawan Log

About me.

Age: 21.
Weight: 77 Kg (176 Lbs).
Lenght: 178 cm (5.8 feet).

Training experience: I have been training a little bit on and off since I was 15 yo up until I was 19 yo. My main focus was on Olympic Lifting (snatch/clean and jerk). I even competed on amature level… Seeing how much out of shape I had become, I’ve decided its time to gain some muscles!

Goals: My main goal is to gain mass. I am hoping to land on around 100 Kg but i really dont want to end up to stiff so I will keep a major focus on flexibility. I’d like to be able to do splits, handstand variations and such, like the guys from beastskills.

I am hoping to get alot of feedback and tips from the community.

My old PR’s:
Bench press: 115 Kg.
Squat: 135 Kg.
Deadlift: 215 Kg.
Snatch: 100 Kg.
Clean and jerk 120 Kg.

I went to the gym a couple of weeks ago and got these results.

Bench press: 90 Kg.
Squat: 110 Kg.
Deadlift: 190 Kg.
Snatch: 85 Kg.

All my workouts will be listed here starting the 3rd of september.

I am currently waiting for a shipment of Methanoplex 10mg Tablets.
Which I will start taking once I’ve finished the Smolov jr programs for BP and DL.

I have no clue what the fuck I am doing but I hope that this will work out somehow.

more updates to follow…

Day 1.

Bench press: 65kg 6x6
Dumbell press: 18.5kg 3x10
Flys: 7kg 3x10
Deadlift: 132.5 6x6
“Traps”: 3x10 10kg
Abs: 3x10 20kg
Calves: 3x20 35kg

Day 2.

Pullups: 5x5.
Pullups machine: 3x10 60kg.
Sitting military press (behind neck): 1x10 1x8 1x6 2x5 40kg.
“Deltoid Raise” of some sort…
Side: 3x10 11kg.
Front: 3x10 11kg.
Biceps… curls n shit 3x10 3x10 3x10.
Dips: 3x10 BW.
Dips between benches: 3x10 10kg.
Abs 3x10 3x10.
Neck 3x10.
Calves 1x20 1x15 1x10 1x5 35kg.

Day 3.

Bench press: 7x5 70kg
Dumbell press: 3x8 18kg
Flys: 3x6 12kg
Deadlift: 7x5 142.5kg
“Traps dl”: 3x10 10kg
Abs: 3x10 3x10
Calves: 1x20 1x15 1x10 35kg

Messed around with some biceps and chin ups.

Day 4

No power today, slept 14 hours.

Pull ups: 5x5 BW
Pulldowns: 3x10 60kg
Rows: 3x10 70kg
Some other lats machine: 3x10 20kg

Seated military press (behind neck): 1x10 1x8 1x7 40kg
Deltoid Raise
Side: 3x10 ?kg
Front: 3x10 11kg

Played around with some biceps exercises…

Dips: 3x10 BW (Adding weight next week 5-10kg)

Crunch: 3x10 20kg (note to self, way to easy)
Rotation: 3x10 “30kg”
Some other crunch machine: 3x10 "?"kg

I really want those abs.

Day 5.

Felt motivated but I had no power, due to lack of food intake.

Bench press: 8x4 75kg. Light weight.
Dumbell press: 3x8 18kg. Heavy.
Flys: 3x6 13kg. Heavy.
Fly machine: 3x10 ??kg. Light weight.
push ups: 3x10. Heavy.

Deadlift: 8x4 152.5kg. Very very heavy…
“Trap pulls”: 3x10 15kg.


  1. Crunch 3x10 “30kg”.
  2. Crunch 3x10 20kg.
  3. Rotation 3x10 30kg.

Calves: 3x20 35kg

Day 6.

Bench press: 10x3 80kg. (Easy).

Deadlift: 10x3 160kg. (Heavy as fuck, broken hands).

Calves: 3x20 35kg.

3x10 30kg.
3x10 20kg.
3x10 30kg.

Rest today.

Week 2. Day 1.

Bench press: 6x6 75kg (easy, used pause).

Deadlift: 6x6 142.5kg. (felt like death was poking me with his scythe for every completed set).

There was too many people at the gym so I’ll do the rest of todays exercises tomorrow + extra.