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Clueless Competitors?


I don't know if anyone's seen this or not, but I actually recognize the guy they're talking about from older issues of Flex. Always made me wonder...



holy shit. Stu you have a protein deficiency. I'll never get those six minutes back.


It sounds like he might be mildly mentally retarded (serious)




Repost, and still just as astonishing.


ugh.. makes me feel depressed i could never achieve such a chizelled, jacked physique as him. Stu, i cant believe you actually entered a competitino knowing people like that exist, he must at least competing in the nationals right now yeah? Does he have a profile on MD, or a column in flex??


Weeeehhh well I like the debate though - we get a couple of those guys at each contest, who don't know what they're doing at all... The fact that the competitors actually PAY for competing is a strong incentive to let about everyone in. Ask the promoter if he wants that guy in the show - he'll probably say no! Ask him if he wants another 75$ in his pocket, and a hundred more to the photograph, and 40-50$ more to the federation... in the end It's still all about the money!!


That's what I imagine most of the people look like who post in the G.A.L. and P.W.I that don't actually train.


at least you know you will beat someone if that type of guy shows up at your competition! LOL


[sarcasm] Those guys are real Bodybuilders because they compete [/sarcasm]


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Well the video Stu put up is absolutely funny (and I was actually looking for it to show some friends).

None the less, I found another video in the related videos section. This video is about a bodybuilder with cerebral palsy. I started watching it. Its very inspirational.


I totally respect people with "real" obstacles to overcome. Bodybuilders in wheelchairs? Talk about guys who bust their ass. As far as people who don't really belong on stage though... it's an interesting topic. At my show this last May, there was one woman who really looked downright pudgy.

A lot of people seemed amused that she was onstage, but then my buddy Paul suggested that perhaps she had just lost 100lbs and was damn proud (with every right to be) of herself. At what point is it "okay" to be up there?

There was one especially 'older' gentleman who competed as well. When I initially saw him backstage, I thought he was helping out, until he stripped down and started putting on Dream Tan. Now without sounding like an asshole, I'm sure this guy worked out in his day, but by the year 2009, there was not really any muscle left. In fact, his upper legs were about as thick as my forearms (or maybe Marc Lobliner's legs after he "shreds down!" -lol).

Just like I picture myself years from now, I'm sure this older fellow goes to the gym every day and does whatever he's able to do training-wise, but it made me think,.. at what point do you look in the mirror and realize that it's time to "hang it up"? Sure the audience seemed to respect that he was up there (in some sort of way), but when the guy walks away with an "over 70" 1st place trophy simply because no one else is in the category, it just sort of doesn't sit well with me. Thoughts?



I think the one guy who was the clueless competitor was mildly retarded. I remember seeing somewhere else that he went to allot of shows and had some mental handicaps. Saw a picture of him before in a show same deal, pale and looking the same.


I think there should be some standards, however these standards should be self enforced. I would think that no one would even WANT to be up on stage without being athletic looking at a minimum.

Now the guy in the youtube, he isn't all there and I would say that he is probably mentally handicapped or at least just slow. The question here is should he be allowed to "compete"? It obviously brings him a lot of joy and happiness and improves his quality of life. He's never going to win unless he was the only person up there, similar to the over 70 guy that Stu saw. The girl that lost 100lbs. and wants to strut her stuff, great motivation for her. That kid from the MTV made episode, he was smiling from ear to ear when he was done. There is obviously a lot of satisfaction coming from the untrained that make them want to enter a contest.

But really, to go up there untrained like this would be akin to someone attending football tryouts because they are good at Madden. I also think it is an insult to the people that worked really hard to get up on stage. I certainly expect that anyone who wants to get up on stage would at a minimum have an athletic looking physique. No, not everyone is going to look great, but it would serve as the pre-pre-judging as mentioned in the video.

In the end it will just come down to money at the club/local level (in ALL hobbies not just BB). An extra entry fee at this level helps keep it running, pays for some staffers and makes it look better to the sanctioning body that they have so many people entering their show/race/whatever.


RE: The Steve Zee cerebral palsy video, what was the round disc just above his left hip?


Did you even watch the video? :rolleyes:


I'm glad they did it for the experience.



I am such a wimp.


That was great.