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Clueless about Diet for Cutting

Hi guys, 6ft 2 here, 205lbs trying to cut body fat, in the past I’ve cut to 180 and was skinny fat just due to my diet approach being ‘eat less and the scales will go down, I lost muscle and fat’

A PT friend said I should find out my TDEE and eat 300-500 cals less than that number, my TDEE on IIFYM came up as 2800, so I’m trying to lose fat eating 2400 calories which seems crazy as I used to diet on 1900.

Here is my day eating every day this week

I do intermittent fasting due to not being hungry in the morning,

3 eggs (boiled)
30g protein shake. Made with water
40g oats, 50g full fat yoghurt with 100g frozen raspberries.


30g protein shake with water

220g chicken breast
80g avocado
150 broccoli
200g carrots

After dinner
200g full fat yoghurt
40g oats with 50g yoghurt and 100g frozen raspberries (favourite snack)
30g protein shake with water

Snacks throughout the day
Around 400ml full fat milk in my teas and coffee.