Clucosamine and Fish Allergic?

I have some serious joint pain, so I think glucosamine/conrdoitin may help. Then I’ve noticed that clucosamine is made from shell fish, and I’m very allergic for fish ( I really don’t now am I allergic to shell fish, but I really don’t want to try). Is there any fish allergic persons who can use clucosamine?

It is true that glucosamine is mostly made from shellfish (although sometimes also shark) and it is often not recommended for people with shellfish allergy.

Most people with shellfish allergy however are allergic to the protein in shellfish and glucosamine is made from a carbohydrate called chitin. This means that in theory those people shouldn’t have an allergic reaction.

I know of one test with 6 subjects, that were allergic to shellfish, that didn’t have any side effects from taking glucosamine. More thorough testing should prolly be in place though.

I’m not personally recommending you to take it though, since most labels says not to.

If you want documentation on this try google with “glucosamine allergy” as keywords. Lots of pages should pop up.

Best regards…

I have a seafood allergy, and I have taken these supplements with no problems at all. That’s just me though; You may have a different experience.

Try it, but maybe keep your Epi Pen close by :wink: