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Just been reading Clublife, as I have for the past 3 months. Suddenly, the way that guy wrotes reminds me of the way that StormTheBeach writes his blog, DeathToFitness. Anybody else noticed that?


I stopped reading him when he stopped writing about guidos and club sluts.


No, I didn't notice the similarities now that you mention them.

Maybe because I've never read either blog.


Just posting so that Nards doesn't end up having the only useless post in the thread.

You're welcome.


Oooh! There's a purple Corvette outside...can you see my abs??!?


I haven't read it in a long, long time, but it used to be pretty entertaining.

He either posts or writes for elite once in a while, and I think he's buddies with Joe DeFranco. Or at least knows him.

His book was pretty good also. The guy's got talent, but he gets mire in this bitterness sometimes that kinda breaks up the story.