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Club Soda?

I typically request sparkling water when I fly (which I do a lot), but sometimes I’m given club soda instead. It claims to have zero calories. Is this OK to drink or I’m better off drinking plain water instead?


Stella -

Club soda is just carbonated water, so you will be fine.

Well, Club Soda is carbonated, is it not? So you have all the negative stuff associated with that.

Jason - thanks for your reply.

Ike - I thought the problem w/ carbonated beverages in general was the sugar content (such as Coke). Can you tell me what are the problems w/ drinking carbonated beverages in general? I grew rather fond of sparkling water/club soda, but if necessary, I can drink plain water.


Is there really a negative to drinking non caloric carbonated water? I imagine the worse thing that can happen is that you’d be burping a lot more.

I don’t think there is any issue with carbonation by itself. I think it is more to do with the sugar content of most carbonated sodas and the fact that kids are drinking soda instead of water or something like milk, which could lead towards inadequate calcium intake.

I was wondering the same thing myself (re: the “problem” with carbonation). But maybe Ike has something that the rest of us haven’t thought of…?