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Club Savvy


Some quick questions on dancing clubs and bars. FTR, 19 y.o., below avg. height, young looking in the face. I have a lot of friends that have gone to dancehalls (clubs), and straight up bars underage and drank. Most of them used ID's from friends to get the right wrist-band, or to keep the doorman from marking up their hands/fingers, or wore long sleeves to cover up their wrist bands so the barmen couldn't see the color, most friends said the barman never asked to verify the correct wristband color.

Lots of clubs where I'm from are dancehalls that allow 18+ and put a braclet on you or mark you up if you are under drinking age.

So my question is:

Beyond the basics, what were/are your methods for getting past the doorman with the correct band on your wrist to drink?

Beyond the basic stuff that I already know and will have no trouble practicing, such as: dressing sharp and clean for the occasion, just wait in line and don't try to "ball hard", where I'm from, your not going to have to wait outside more than 5 min anyway, and being polite/making eye contact to the bouncer, act like you are the kind of person that can drink responsibly without acting like a dumbass, which I most definatly am.

I'm thinking my best approaches are to:

A. Hand him my legit ID, which shows I'm 19, with a crisp $50 bill over the front folded to show the denomination, hope it gets me the right wrist band.

B. If that doesn't work, calmly and firmly pull out more cash, probably a Jackson, after that, I'm walking away, fuck it, I can drink at the motel. I guess if I was with a girl I would shell out a little more, but 100-120 tops, no matter where I go, I won't be showing up at any clubs that host the Oakland Raiders.

C. If I scope it out and he doesn't look like a deal-striker, just get in underage, wash my hands off and drink, or swap my no alcohol band for some neon tape that is the same color as a drinker's band.

These are the routes I plan to take, given my situation, I'm open to suggestions. Most of the places I will be going are 'not so high end', just good, clean places that middle class and blue collars go to drink, with lots of 18-25 college kids there. Appropriate dress will be a starched button up, or clean polo, creased jeans and clean leather footwear of the lace, loafer, or boot variety, (mostly western style dancehalls/nightclubs)

For anyone who has ever worked at a bar or club, how acceptable are doormen of bribes? Is the amount I'm willing to pay acceptable? Or is my figure coming in too low? I know from reading here, a lot of bribe numbers to get past line at high end clubs will be closer closer to 150-200 dollars and over, but my situation is different, it's a smaller club, I don't mind waiting in line, all I want is the right wrist-band, 50 is what it's worth to me, not much more if I'm just with the boys, and don't have a lady on my arm.

What kind of reaction can I expect from a bouncer that won't take my bribe? Is he going to make a fucking scene and embarass me? Raise hell and tell the manager to come see this kid that wants to drink? Call the cops to get me in trouble. Or is he just going to say softly "Sorry man, I can't accept it, just let me mark up your hands, and I'll let you in as a minor."

Will anyone ever check ID's once I'm actually in the club? Am I going to have to show my ID to the bartender after I show it to the doorguy?

I'm not a troublemaker, once I'm in I'm pretty certain the only thing that could give me hell is if someone carded me after I was in the club.

Am I missing anything? I have never been to a hall/bar, but want to go soon for no better reason than to say that I have went/ and to hang out, meet girls. Close to home there is a club that is frequented by a lot of college girls, young girls, And I need a place to chase tail.


putting a 50 dollar bill in with your i.d if your are underage is going to result in you losing 50 dollars and still not getting to drink alcohol.


Okay, I'll remember that, got any suggestions, law?


The only way I can see you being able to drink alcohol inside if you're a minor is (a) have about 3 hot women either on your arm or around you. A big group of guys who look near the age limit are always going to get carded.(b) know someone in the club that can let you in or (c) carry a small hipflask in your sock filled with vodka or whiskey etc. You could just drink before you go out? If you're worried about people thinking your a minor by not having a drink in your hand just order a coke and no-one is going to say shit.


You're going to be out $50 and become known to the bar staff of that bar and other bars in the areas (yes, they do talk to one another) as "That Guy". Even when you're of legal age, you'll likely get hassled.

If you manage to get in, you'll likely drink too much, get mouthy, or get too aggressive with some of the "tail" you are chasing at which point they will report you to a bouncer. After being thrown out, you're basically blackballed for life.


Never really liked the idea of carrying a flask, I'm not drinking to get drunk or buzzed. I just want to walk in, drink a few, hang out, meet teh femalez. Okay, I will admit at this point the whole "bribe the bouncer with money" thing is a shitty idea.

Is there any other ways to meet my ends or am I chasing clouds now? I will more than likely be with people who are of drinking age. With me being the odd-ball because I'm younger. So really what I was looking for was a way to partake with my friends.


A way to partake with friends at the bar, that is.


Why not just buy a fake ID?


Make friends with the staff and tip well, particularly the bar tender even while buying non-alcoholic beverages. Do this a few times and they may be willing to overlook your wristband.


Use common technology to your advantage.

Have a friend go in and get the drinking wristband, then have them take a nice photo of it with one of them fancy new cam phones, then text it to you.

Get some tape to match the color so that you aren't fumbling around in the place with a dozen rolls of the wrong colored tape just hoping to get lucky.

Sheesh. You kids these days!


I never thought about having someone text a picture of the color or use a phone to tell me what color it is. LOL! Problem solved. That's pretty smooth, simple, elegant. Also I will make sure to tip well. And if I ever start going anywhere regular I will make it a point to take care of the people that take care of me. Fake ID is an option, but where I'm at right now that seems to be a big crackdown. Where do you even get those?


I never thought about having someone text a picture of the color or use a phone to tell me what color it is. LOL! Problem solved. That's pretty smooth, simple, elegant. Also I will make sure to tip well. And if I ever start going anywhere regular I will make it a point to take care of the people that take care of me. Fake ID is an option, but where I'm at right now that seems to be a big crackdown. Where do you even get those?


Find the shadiest guy in town, he'll likely be living in a van near a dump or ravine. He will either have a small ID maker/laminating machine or will know of an equally shady person that does.

Or you find someone that's older than you and looks similar, your call.


Lol Jason? Does the idea really sound that bad? Just trying to get a little insight here buddy. Why don't you go post some more of your pointless stories in that Nutrition Store thread everyone thinks is so golden.




I wasn't kidding, those are both legitimate options for obtaining a fake ID which is a far superior idea to bribing the doorman, unless you like being humiliated in public. Seriously though, just get a fake. If a doorman hassles you and says he's not going to give it back to you, don't argue with him. Just admit defeat, find a new fake and try a different bar. That's the best advice I can give.

That thread is/was golden, and if the store hadn't of been sold to a new owner, the stories would continue.


bribing the doorman is the worst idea you could possibly have.

Paying 50 to 120 dollars to get in and then PAY FOR YOUR DRINKS??? Idiotic


I know people who get kicked out of the same bars weekly.
They don't "blackball" you for life unless you do something the entire drinking community finds disgusting.
Which is almost impossible.

Also, I can't believe this thread is real.
OP...stick to drinking your friend's dad's beers on the weekends and getting bums to buy you 40's.
Clubs are for metrosexuals.

P.S.-Any gay-fabulous club you are trying to go, if it's reasonably popular and in a decently populated area, will have a chart for the doormen to use to determine whether your ID is legit or not. Unless you know someone at the fucking DMV that will make a legit falsified ID for you, just give up. The only chance you have is knowing people in the club that will risk their job for you or heading to some dump alchy bar that is full of misanthropes that don't notice your age.


19 means 19. You should just chill and rely on your own play vs alcohol. We all went through it, and pretty soon, you'll be telling yourself "I wish I was 19 again'. No joke.


Alrighty then, forget the doorman then. Pretty good advice I suppose. I will not go to the club and drink, I will just get my stuff marked up. But idk the tape idea was pretty good.