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Club Bouncer Holds zman Hostage in Bathroom


A club bouncer in Worcester,MA suspects one of his patrons is selling drugs. So he does the following:



I guess the bouncer will find out that being a fucktard without a badge can actually result in doing time?

And locking someone up, going through their stuff and bitch slapping them while being filmed is absolutely fucktardtastic.

Kids these days...


Why in the world would the bouncer let the guy tape the whole incident?


Hope he ends up with a hole in the back of his head.


That was bullshit... it was actually hard to watch.


Piece of shit makes my blood boil. First, this cocksucker needs professional help. Next, this is not as uncommon as you might think. It actually brings bask memories and is the EXACT reason I walked away from helping a friend at his club. I actually watched the owner's father zapping a kid from england with a tazer in the kitchen b/c the little cocksucker got caught pissing on the bathroom floor. Now, he was definitely a little cocksucker for doing that (and dumb enough to get caught) but zapping him in the kitchen?

And it actually reminds me of when one of our guys found someone writing on the walls. Had him and his girl in the kitchen interrogating them. He was handcuffed and she was seated. They went thru his pockets, took a few hundred and removed the chip from his cell phone and car keys and threw them away. This was in "exchange" for not calling the police.

There are some fucked up people in this world. If this "brown whatever" did this to my son, the motherfucker would get an emergency room visit. Period. Plain and fucking simple. Oh, and I'd make sure his right hand that he used to hit my son was crushed. Crushed. As in every bone in his hand broken. Fucking piece of fucking shit cocksucker.


All that mess could be cleared up very easily with a 12 gauge and a few slugs.


I'm pretty sure it was one of the other bouncers taping it. And why? Because that motherfucker is obviously stupid as fuck. His mother didn't love his retarded ass.


Wow...just wow. Hopefully he'll end up as someone's bitch in prison. C'MON KARMA DO YOUR THING!


I see a great lawsuit coming.


Oh great brown... fuck bitch of bubba the rapist. That bouncer bitch is so fucked.


I have no sound,who's filming the entire thing?


Fuck the police, wait....


Just a what if scenario.
If the bouncer had called him out on the drugs, done the same thing and the guy actually HAD drugs and this resulted in the alleged drug dealer's arrest, would the bouncer still be an idiot?




No, then he would be an idiot an a snitch.

He is a bouncer, when someone deals drugs in his club he should bounce him.


For letting someone tape the whole thing? Yes


If when he didn't find anything on the guy he said, "my mistake, you sir are a gentlemen and a scholar, good day to you," he would not have been an idiot.

However, when he didn't find anything, he punched the guy in the head several times and made him worship him, on film... That is the part that makes him an idiot.


Hell yes. I don't know if the search was lawful in MA (I highly doubt it), but the use of force absolutely was not. If a youtube showed up of a cop doing the same thing, well you get it.


Yeah, I understand.
It's just sometimes, the outcome dictates our perception of the situation.
"If he was a drug dealer, he deserves to get roughed up." sort of thing
and we would be thinking "the video is evidence against the drug dealer" instead of against the bouncer as it is now