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Cloudy Test

I am using a ts400 blend. Deca 200mg, Isocaporate 30mg, Phenylprop 40mg, Prop 30mg, Cyp 50mg,Enanthate 50mg- and I assume it crashed and tried boiling it. It went clear for a second or two and went right back to cloudy. When giving some thought to it I believe some alcohol from cleaning a syringe got inside the solution. Would this cause it to go cloudy? Is it safe to use? I can post pictures, and I remember distinctivily pull it one day and putting some back in the vial due to pulling a little to much, it istantly went cloudy. Could the alcohol have done this?

Cleaning a syringe? What do mean by that?

Alcohol would not cause the cloudiness, the blend is crashing. Do NOT Inject this, it will cripple you.

Insert a needle into the top of the vial, and cook it at 200 for 30 minutes, let the vial warm up with the oven.

Was it cloudy when you got it? At what temperature is it being stored?

Also that blend is retarded lol, Enanthate and Deca alone can mix to 450+ mg/ml