Cloudy Test. Prop

I have recently acquired some Test. Prop. that is rather cloudy… it almost looks like milk and some settles out if they are left to stand for a bit. I ran one of the vials under warm sink water for about 3-4 minutes and nothing really changed except for the fact that the solution isn’t settling out, but just remaining a milky looking suspension.

I realize after doing some research that it may have “crashed”.

However, I’m concerned about what will happen if after I vent and heat for a longer period it doesn’t go clear. If I can’t get the solution to go clear am I at risk?

The concentration is a bit higher at 125 mg per cc btw.

Does anyone know whats going on with this?

MMM not sure but I wouldnt be injecting that in my muscles…

I would dump it. A vial is cheaper than dealing with an infection IMO

I got a 10mL vial from my pharmacy a month ago and it was clear. Test Cyp from Watson. Real test from a real pharmacy.

I took a look at it, after it’s been stored at room temp and it has that MILKY look to some of, which settles on the bottom. Shaking it doesn’t clear it so I took it back to the pharmacist and he said to hold it in boiling water for a little bit.

Haven’t tried it yet but wanted to see if others have had this problem. My pharmacist said that it happened becaus of the temps it was stored at.

SUCCESS - dipped it for maybe 30 seconds in boiling water and it took the crystals/cloudiness away.