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Cloudy Test Cypionate

My vial of test cyp has turned cloudy. When heated it clears, condensation is noted at the top of the bottle. When it cools it turns cloudy again. Question is: Is it Trashed?

Are you putting it in the fridge? Heated up what do you mean? You should be keeping it at room temp. I’m not sure what it looks like of you chill it, but I don’t think it would hurt it. Will be thicker and harder to draw up and inject if chilled.

I keep our house on the chilly side in the winter (55-60 degrees during the day). When it started to get cold last December I noticed my vial was getting cloudy. By January it had gelled up so about half of it was gel and half liquid. I heated up some water and put the vial in it to re-liquefy. I asked the pharmacy and they confirmed that the cold would do that.
I have no idea if it changes the potency or anything but low temps can cause the cloudiness.

There should not be condensation. Will not affect potency, T is not a fragile molecule.