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Cloudy Liquid Fish Oil


I started taking liquid fish oil about a month ago and just recently got to the bottom of the bottle when, to my dismay, the oil began to appear cloudier and thicker than the rest of the bottle. The oil was clear (as in not cloudy or oddly colored, as opposed to transparent/colorless--because it obviously had the yellowish color of oil) for the rest of the bottle.

Is this necessarily a bad thing? Does it mean my oil is of poor quality? There were only about 6-8 teaspoons of this type of oil in the bottle out of a total of around 42.
Any input would be appreciated.


Did you keep it refrigerated? If so, then my guess would be that this could be a small amount of saturated fat and cholesterol in the oil that has slowly settled to the bottom. However, this is just a guess, as without knowing the nutrition facts of your particular brand I can't know if it even has any, albeit small, amount of saturated fat.

If you didn't keep it refrigerated, it may have become rancid.


Was it flavored? Whenever I buy Carlson's the last few tablespoons are cloudy and taste more "lemony" than the rest of the bottle. It's no big deal, and if it bothers you, shake up the bottle before use.


It was flavored and I did refrigerate it. Ans yes, the bottom may have been a bit more lemony than the rest. So I guess it's fine.