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Cloudy HCG and White Lumps

I just got my hCG from the fridge and found it cloudy with white lumps at the bottom…
edit: it’s not visible on the pics but it looks like artificial snow.
Does it mean it was too cold? I don’t know if I can do the injection.

Thats most likely protein particles. Did you freeze the lyophilizate before reconstitution? What did you use for reconstitution?
Would recommend not to use as the hcg concentration will be lowered due to the precipitate.

I didn’t freeze it and I used bacteriostatic water for reconstitution.

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Hmm you sure BAC and not sodium chloride?

It’s really written bacteriostatic water. I just gave it a look and it’s now more cloudy than before. The lumps look like now small particles. I’ve been on TRT since 2017 and it’s the first time I see this.