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Cloudy Appearance Propionate = Danger?

This is my first cycle, I’m about 3.5 weeks into it so far. Things are going well I’ve put on 20 Lbs (as of a week ago). I bought 2 (10ml) bottles of Propionate, but i’m noticing that the oil in the first bottle has gotten a little cloudier than the 2nd (which is still sealed). I believe this is because initially i had some trouble buying syringes, so i used the same one for maybe the first 10 days. To ensure that i wouldn’t risk infection i ran rubbing alcohol through it after and before each use. I asked my buddies about this and they said alcohol would be fine to use since a small amount is actually inlcuded in the oil in the first place. I believe the “clouding is actually” very small droplets of alcohol suspended within the oil (this is what appears to be going on). but really i have no idea. like i said this is my first cycle. should i keep using this bottle? Is it okay? or should i toss it and just break open the second. mainly i just want to know if i am okay so far as infection is concerned & if the bottle is still effective or it this means it’s useless. thanks so much

i would consider the bottle useless since you have repeatedly contaminated it. the cloudiness is due to the alcohol as you suspected (unless it is crashing which i doubt).

get yourself ALL the supplies you need BEFORE you start a cycle. pins cost less than a quarter. don’t reuse pins, even the more discerning smackheads gets fresh ones.

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