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Cloths that fit!

Anyone know who makes some nice shirts that fit tall ectomorphs? It’s kind of tough to find a nice fit these days at the mall or any store for that matter. Anyone who is ecto and over 6’ Fill me in where you guys shop. Thanks

Unfortunately we are shit out of luck when it comes to clothes that are in style but for us old folks, who gives a shit about style. The big and tall stores, more expensive though they are, are the only places some of can find clothes at all. You might give them a try. Even my Testosterone t-shirt is to short because T-mag doesn?t cater to tall folks.

Short is not the problem for my shirts. My legs are long my torso is a decent size. I need a shirt thats is a little tighter around the lower back region.

hey bobopunxs i’m the same way. have long legs, medium torso. depending on what your looking for its harder to find clothes for us lurches. but for me i still like baggy clothes so its actually easier for me. :slight_smile: i even get discounts because of it, shoes and all!

p.s. how tall are you guys?

 Buy clothes that fit alright, and have them altered at your nearest Dry Cleaners to fit you just the way you want them. Thats what I usually do.
  Clothes that fit can be hard enough to find. Cant imagine findine a Cloth that fits you nicely though. Dressing up for a toga party?

No not a toga party heh. It just seems like every shirt i have or wear fits like shit. Then i tend to question myself wether or not i am normal, which leads to a complex heh.

Good 'effin luck. Old Navy is decent for jeans. I’ve yet to find workout pants worth anything.


Knight, language? See, simply randomly throwing out expletives doesnt make you any cooler.

Do you tell a girl who just said she'd like to go out with you 'thats fukin great! Ill pick you up at effin nine oclock and we can have a bitchin lunch'? See?

My problem with clothes is different than yours, I can get pants anywhere, off the shelf, but shirts, I?m 6?6? and long in the back so getting clothes altered is a problem, the alteration I need is 6 inches of material added to the length of the shirt. At least I am able to get archery finger tabs at the sporting goods store; I wear them backward so my knuckles are protected where they drag on the ground.

I bought a shirt at Zara the other day. They have nice stuff, but I wear an Xtra large there and I’m a whopping 175 lbs LOL. Infact, the last shirt I bought there is tight in the arms.

Hey diesel:

That’s effin bitchin’! :-))

Z-Man - I believe that it was mentioned on another thread (maybe even by Shugs) that A&F purposely makes their clothes a little smaller than the labeled sizes. I guess that’s in order to get smaller people to purchase their clothes and thus make their clothes look better. I’ve noticed that I pretty much can’t wear their shirts because of length issues (I hate A&F as a whole - too much exposure at college - but their athletic line is okay).

Zara just opened here in Calgary last year. I don’t think A&F is related to Zara. Zara has only been in North America since 2000 or 2001. It’s all Spanish stuff.

I hate A&F…