Okay, it’s a given that we lift to look good nekkid. But what about those times before we get there (i.e. clothed)? I think it’s a common problem to find clothes that fit the built body. My wardrobe seems to be slowly paring down to sweats (and T’s, polos), and much more formal stuff. There was a rehashing of a clothing thread on another (now defunct) site called Frugal Muscle. There’s a lot of sites that sell workout gear, and T Reilly and Hannibal for the formal stuff, but where’s the in-between stuff? Where do you T-folk get your togs? My particular problem is pants and shorts (not the beach wear type). Any hints?

Levi’s Dockers pants and shorts are good for those of us who like to work our legs (as opposed to the treadmill-only jockeys). Dockers has an online web site (.com) with good pictures and, if you like a particular style, it will link you to any local and web stores that sell it.

Two good sources if showing off your bod is your goal: undergear and internationalmale. I buy from these folks quite often. Enjoy.

I’ve tried Dockers – no go. My problem has been (and was even a problem when I was bike racing and no weight training) fitting around the butt and thighs. At 5’11" and 200 lbs, 34 waist, I have a butt that is probably from a 230 pounder, and thighs from a 220. I’ve gone up to 36s, but still no go. Am I relegated to clown pants?

oddly enough, JC Penny’s may not be a bad place to start, ask for ‘athletic cut’ the pants have smaller waists and larger thighs, and the shirts have a taper to them to allow for large shoulders and a trim waist. (i’ve only seen dress shirts in that cut though)

Several places to go: eliteimagefitnessgear, rheingoldfashions, usbodyware.

i buy free world denims from zumiez to cover my squatting ass and thighs. theyre kinda baggy but they dont look it if you have big legs. as for shirts you can go to american eagle nd just tuck them in. of couse im not tapered cause of trunk training for heavy weights on squats but oh well i onlt care about ig weights.