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Clothing: Pants Don't Fit


I'm ashamed that my first post on the Nation is about clothes, but I've got a problem that I bet plenty of you have had at one time or another.

Pants do not exist that fit both my waist and my legs. If they do fit my legs, they'll fall off, but if they fit my waist, I look like I'm heading back to the the age of disco. What've you guys done to fix this? Any specific cuts of jeans? Or is the answer to find a tailor?


You can wear a belt, or maybe take a look at the 1000 other threads just like this one...


NOBODY ever had this problem before. You must be HUGE!!!!

If you were a dinosaur, you would be called, "GIGANTASAURUS".


Sorry you are getting flamed on one of your first post, but at your height and weight you should be alright... and this is a topic that has been over and over and over and over.

Check out the forum search function.


Well, generally at 5'7 and 175 (listed values) there would not be a real issue with pants labelled as loose-fit.

Not from legs being unproportionally big anyway. Not at that weight.

However it's not unknown for some guys to have ridiculously small waists. Unfortunately, in my gym there was a period when not only was it not unknown, but these idiots wore Spandex shirts to "show off" their girlish waists, so you couldn't help but know. Sorry, a guy looks frail and pathetic with, for example, a 26" waist. For that to be a point of pride is just ridiculous. (And anyway, no spandex on a guy in any case, please.)

Not having specifics, it could be that the OP's problem is instead that his waist needs to man up with some serious deadlifting.

That seems more likely than his legs being hyooge at 175.


I think the answer is obvious, wear a kilt.


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Kilt thread!!



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Real men don't need pants.




That was oddly nice of you :open_mouth:


I wish kilts were trendy.


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Don't you forget it,kid!


These may help...





the answer is that if youre jeans are starting to feel "tight" they probaly actually fit right and youre used to baggy pants.

most clothing companies cut their jeans to fit in w/ current trends - its not your ginormaous quads.


OH! I love where this thread is going! POST MORE!


You could do as Homer did and wear a moo moo.


Just for you.