The “girlyman???” posts had me thinking.

Where do you all buy your clothes?

I’m a simple dude who likes simple yet functional clothes. I know this isn’t much in the realm of high fashion, but here are my top 6…

Old Navy(everyday stuff)
Target(workout clothes/socks/underwear)
Express for men (dress clothes, coats)
REI(outdoor wear/boots)
Adidas outlet(workout clothes)
Road Runner Sports(shoes)

Thought it might be an interesting topic.

Why did they have to go change the name of Structure to Express? I hate that. Structure wasn’t a cool name or anything, but it’s like Calvin Klein deciding that they should change their name to Victoria’s Secret. I just couldn’t wear their underwear then.

well i’m sure i’ll get flamed for this. oh well
mostly for everyday stores i shop at the mall at stores like the gate, phat boys, places like that. yeah i know i’m sure i dress like a punk kid to most of you guys but hey as long as i’m happy and comfortable then thats all that matters. since i live in a small @$$ town wal-mart is a pretty good place to shop for athletic and other clothes.

Salvation army
Garage sales
any homeless guy I can roll…

Truthfully… Wal-Mart is the shit. They have sweat pants and wife-beaters for workouts, and plain colored Fruit of the Loom T-shirts which I love to wear for some reason. I also like a lot of Old Navy’s clothes. Our Express for Men closed, and I refuse to shop at the Gap, i pretty much rely on Sears or other dept. store for my name-brand dress and casual clother along with other workout gear. And I havn’t bought a pair of shoes in a few years (no i’m not cheap, I just havn’t needed any, it takes a while to wear out five pairs of tennis shoes). I would shop at Abercrombie and AE more often, but I’m not big into buying a shirt just because it has a huge label across the front of it. I like simple-patterned/plain clothes.

Oh and I buy sexy underwear at Vicoria Secret even though a pair of panties costs an arm and a leg… for the girlfriend of course. I’m not into the crossdressing thing. I realized that if i buy my girlfriend sexy undies she’s really happy, and I get that added bonus of having her wear them for me, though I’m sure nobody here even cared about this last paragraph.

Anyway… Wal-Mart is pretty badass.

Value vilage and any other good used clothing store. I’m really hard on clothes and it’s a waste of money for me to buy em new. I do buy my underwear new though just in case anyone was getting icked out. Shoes I buy new too as you gotta break em in to fit your own dogs.

Anchor Blue
American Eagle
Kenneth Cole
Pac Sun
Armani Exchange

These are in no particular order. It just depends on what time of year it is and what catches my eye. Yea yea I know I be a prepie ass white boy. But its all about the females gents.

  Fruit of the Loom T-shirts kick ass. And all for only 3.79 a piece.

oh yeah anchor blue is another good store for nice clothes. wal-mart is like our mall. yeah i know its sad. :frowning:
but it does have some cool things there. i like those tagless (ft) cut off shirts. there good for working out or playing b ball.

American Eagle and Express mostly.

nordstram rack (cheeeeap)
saks (for the sale rack)

i dress like the metrosexual.

i believe in having a few pieces of clothes i love rather than a closet full of crap, so i wear the same stuff week in, week out

i do own a lot of shoes though, mostly tennis shoes and sneakers.

Shopping…undisputedly the biggest waste of time, energy and money ever invented.

I lack the shopping gene females are supposed to posses. Can’t fucking stand it. I go once a year (if that) and it’s out of pure necessity. Mostly discount stores like Wal-Mart, Target, Ross, TJMaxx, etc. My wardrobe consists of extremely casual clothes (most of which double for workout clothes) and $400+ silk or wool suits…with a couple of ball gowns thrown in.

Underwear is another story. I am a bonafide, card carrying member of VSAA - Victoria’s Secret Addicts Anonymous (I know this flies in the face of my previous stance on addictions…but it’s Victoria’s Secret for cryin’ out loud!!). I am strictly a catalog shopper and average around $1200/year on thongs, bras and lingerie (sale items of course, more bang for the buck). Some things are worth the money.

I agree w/ Rum

Diesel Jeans
Kenneth Cole
Gergio Armani
Bananna Republic
Calvin Klien
Armani Exchange

Oakley sunglasses

Athletic wear:

This is all I wear

~karma~ wrote:

“…sale items of course, more bang for the buck…”

This just jumped out at me for some reason. Can’t figure out why… ;^)

Why would anyone refuse to shop at the GAP but go to Wal Mart? As if Wal-Mart doesn’t make 99% of their shit in sweatshops.

American Apparel is good - quality T’s that are REALLY made in the US by non-sweatshops.

For sports gear Full Contact Fighter makes great shorts and shirts, and they REALLY last. Good stitching and seams. 1st pair of shorts I got has lasted more than 2 years.

GAP = Gay Ass People
JK, my fiancee worked there for like 4 years, and I always told her that because all of her male managers were gay.

Saucony and New Balance shoes.

Bachrach (online and catalog)
Banana Republic (if I can find an item that fits – the bastards make narrow clothes)
Territory Ahead (catalog)
Sak’s (for dressier stuff)
Brooks Brothers (high quality solid color T-shirts!)
Kaufmann’s (dept. store)
Levi’s (anywhere I can get their Silver Tab Baggy jeans)
Johnson & Murphy (best high quality dress shoes for the buck)