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Clothes that fit

Does anyone have any suggestions on clothing brands that fit athletic builds? I have very wide shoulders, I’m fairly lean (9%), I have a narrow waste, a squater’s ass and legs, plus I’m not that tall (5’9"). I need just casual stuff like unlogoed T’s and pants that fit in the seat and thighs. As it is, depending on the size I buy, a shirt will either be a muscle shirt and cut off arm circulation or it will be a dress, fitting in the shoulders, but coming down to migh high-thigh area. Similarly with pants, to get something that fits in the butt and thighs I have to get 34-35s (I have a 31 waste). I’m sure others have had this problem, all I want is some normal looking clothes that don’t look… er… sexually ambiguous or just plain dumb (I do enough in that later category myself).

ive got the same problem as you. im about your size though a little shorter. which is even worse. i have to get baggy pants to fit my ass and legs, but to get em baggy in the waist they have to be long in the leg. it is pretty fucking hard to find 38’ waist and 30’ length. even worse in the shirts, i have the same peoblem with the dresses. go to mervyn’s or somewhere similiar and you should be able to find some baggy/short jeans. my waist is 32’ and the lowest ill go in jeans is 36’. so beleive me bro your not alone. it is frustrating shit.

Rheingold fashions!!! Geez, Lori is potentially going out of business because not enough people like you know about her. Great stuff, casual to formal, more conservative type clothes. Give it a look.


1-888-248-3487 you can talk with Lori directly, she’s great with talking fit, very easy to work with, personable.

BTW, I have no compensation for posting this other than knowing I helped some one out.

I wear alot of Carhart workwear. They seem to make a variety of sizes. I have same problem: Hockey arse, pillars for legs and a 32inch waist. It is workwear but they expanding into different colors and looks that are a little more everyday looking rather than off to the constuction site type stuff.

Also, i am going to give rheingold a look-see thanx!

I do a lot of skiing and biking and have the big ass and legs thing with only a 32 inch waist. I’ve found that Eddie Bauer Jeans fit pretty well as well as GAP and Old Navy. (Gap and Old Navy Clothes fall apart though)

As for dress shirts, I’m not built in the upper body to the point that it’s a problem, but I seem to have off sized arms. I’m 5-11 with a 16.5 inch neck and 33 inch (long) arms.(most sleeve lengths are the range of sizes. LAND’s END Has great basic dress shirts at a good price and they wear like iron and you can get any size combination you want.

Thanks, looking at the Rhiengold site, I felt like I finally found people who understand me. My local tailor is going to be sad, because I typically bought huge slacks which had to be readjusted in four places to fit right (~$20 extra).

By the way does anyone know of any company which sells simple un-logoed T-shirts that fit?

And while we’re asking, are there any sources for women’s clothing to fit an athletic build? I work at a highschool which is switching to a uniform in September and have to look fairly dressy. Pants and skirts aren’t so much of a problem, since many current styles have a bit of stretch in them. Tops though are a huge issue. In order to fit my bis and shoulders in them I have to go up to a size that’s so large the torso looks like maternity wear on me. I’m constantly getting things tailored and tapered so I don’t look like I mugged someone and stole their clothes. I still have some weight to lose, and can’t imagine what buying clothes will be like when my shoulder to waist difference is even greater. Although . . . if I teach in spandex or a bikini I’ll be sure that I have my kids attention. =)

I can relate.

See, I’m 6’6" with a 56" chest and a 32" waist. My upper arms are just shy of 22" and my forearms 18". Hell, my damn neck is 22"

Combine that with 31" thighs, and clothes are just a nightmare. I used to shop at bigfuckersareus.com, but they’ve closed down. Help!

Okay, I’m just funnin’ with ya, 'cause I’m a little jealous. I am 6’6" so I do need to keep an eye out for longer clothes, but that’s about it, dammit.

I have the same probblem as the P-DOG. The biggest problem is to find a good jacket, for more formal events. All jackets my size are too narrow in shoulders and chest, so I have to get one specifically tailored for me. I don’t train for size anymore, just for strength.

Brider, thanks for the referral to Rheingold. Talked to Lori this morning. Very nice and helpful. Picked up some dress shirts. If they fit well, I’ll be going for a few jackets too. Just got a new job where jacket and ties are a must, so I was panicking a bit. I need a 52 for my shoulders, but have a 33 waist, eliminating anything off-the rack. Thanks again. I’ll post with my review when they get here. Herc

unlabeled t-shirts? banana republic all the way. i have really wide shoulders and a fairly small waist, they fit well.

Herc – okay, I’m going to let the cat out o’ the bag a bit here on my particular dimensions, but here goes…

My weight is mainly in my butt and thighs, so pants are my biggest problem. I weigh 200, but my thighs are more like a 210’er, and my butt a 220’er. Sooo… Lori helped me out there. I measure out to a 44 coat size (by chest), but even then I’ve never had an off-the-rack coat that fits right – it always pulls in the back and is too restrictive at the shoulders. Lori’s coats start at 48. I’m thinking that they wouldn’t fit. In talking with Lori, she thought the 48 would work, so I went ahead and got one. Arrives a week later (NY to Seattle), and it fits GREAT! Lays great on me and doesn’t restrict movement (a lot of what I do is make presentations to groups wearing the suit). It’s refreshing to be able to actually TALK with the owner and designer, especially one who’s so personable and willing to work with you.

Polar Princess: I have a similar issue with tops, but for different reasons. One word: knits. Forget anything button down or in a non-stretch fabric. If I were to wear button down/non-stretch, I’d have to buy a 14-16 in order for there not to be one of those peek-a-boo gaps at the bustline. But then you have to deal with shoulder seams halfway down your arm and try tucking all that material into a size 6 pair of slacks - it just doesn’t happen. Just look for knit tops at whatever store you get your slacks at.