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Clothes That Don't Fit

I’ve often found I have to buy a shirt a size up or pants of a larger waist size because I’m a lifter, notably in areas such as shoulders and quads which are a bit larger than the average dude. I recently tried to put on a size 36 dress pant only to find out it hugs my nuts and my butt. I’m assuming this is due to deadlifts and squats, though I’d like to reduce my waist. I’ve been on a fairly great eating plan the last 2.5 months (lean protein, greens, little to no sweets, eating every 2.5 hours, higher protein intake) and my wife has even noted my stomach fat has decreased significantly. However, I’m still putting on weight most likely due to some gains in weight lifted per set in multiple exercises. Is there a store that sells clothing modeled more for guys that have muscle? I know there’s “athletic fit” for exercise clothes, but I don’t see that style for jeans, dress clothes, etc. I had some like with Duluth trading company, but I’m looking more for dressy clothes.

what are your stats?

There is “Barbell Apparel”, which markets itself towards people that lift however wouldn’t be considered dressy. I have found “Untuckit” and “Bonobos” as having clothes that fit well, if I get the “regular” or “straight” fit, and are suitable for work. For comparison, I am 5’9", 175 lbs, and wear 31x30 pants. My problem is shirts more than pants, where large shirts fit in the shoulders and chest but are too long and baggy, while mediums are often too tight in the shoulders and chest.

I would also say to be honest with yourself. If you have a 36 inch waist, you may also be pretty tubby and clothes just won’t fit you well anyway. What is your “drop”? Which is the difference between your chest and waist diameter. If it’s 10+ inches, that’s pretty athletic (meaning you’d have a 46+ inch chest). If it’s not, you may want to focus on body composition if well fitting clothes are important to you.

Age: 31
Height: 5’10’
Weight: 206

You’re right, I’m trying to cut down on the tub factor haha. My doctor advised me to jog a couple times a week along with my weight lifting schedule. I did keep that schedule for awhile, but I credit most of my results from a cleaner diet.

I’ll have to wait until I get home to get measurements for my chest, I haven’t done it in awhile.

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You really shouldn’t have an issue then, at your height.

For dress pants, I only wear golf pants. They have a bit more room in legs, are flexible and don’t get super hot in the summer.

I wear a 36x30 jean at 5’9, ~205. Always had a big ass. They’re baggy as fuck in the waist though

To the guy who mentioned Barbell Jeans, they’re cool, but expensive as fuckkk. I get my jeans at WalMart. They’re Levi straus jeans, athletic blend so they have a stretch to them. Can squat comfortably and they hug my ass, but not too tight.

If youre 206 with a 36 waist, and they actually fit your waist, then you need to lose some weight. That’s excessive imo

IDK why cause I don’t think I’ve ever seen you mention your height prior to this, but I was fully convinced you were like 6’2" haha.


Definitely not. Ha borderline manlet

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I wear these too. Are your legs really that big that they cause you to jump 2-4 sizes around your waist? Seems like you would just need to lose some fat everywhere. Unless you’re walking around like Tom Platz.

It’s not my legs so much as my ass. I do need to lose some weight, but I’m not obese. I just carry my weight in my sides and my ass mostly

I don’t have any other pictures, but this was a week or two ago. You can see my waist isn’t straight up and down, but it’s not massive either.

Found a front shot from last september. Again, not shredded, but you get the idea. Also, you can see my shorts somewhat flare out on the sides, but are tighter up top.

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You can always go the kilt route. Get yourself a nice kilt or utility kilt. The leg freedom is awesome and there is no “hugging”. That will take care of half the problem. I’ve been wearing a kilt everyday for 73 days and it’s great. Only problem is they can be a little expensive.

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Lose some weight, fatty.

On a more serious note, I didn’t realize Wal-Mart sold these?!

Try being 5’6" and having to wear XL shirts.

In Georgia they do. Two pairs for 20 a piece.

As far as what I’m doing for workouts, I lift 3 times a week for about 1 hour each session.

I perform 6 exercises in total, 3 sets each, typically 4 compound and 2 isolation. I superset two exercises of two different muscle groups (Legs then Chest). I read an article on T nation 3 months or so ago that stressed short rests and supersetting two different muscle groups to increase strain. As mentioned above, I started jogging for 30 minutes twice a week in attempts at burning off fat. I work an office job, so I’m really trying to stay in good shape and look good. I don’t want to become a tonka truck tire belly office worker.

changed my life. Seriously. Only jeans I’ll wear now.

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Looks like my chest measures in at 43 inches. How do I lose the fat fellas?

I’m 5’-7”, 200lbs, and this is what i also have to deal with.

In addition, since the waist is super baggy, I have to cinch it which leads to a protrusion right at the zipper…fucken embarassing, i have to constantly pull up on the button to straighten it out!

I wear 36x30, I often check to make sure the 34x30s don’t fit, and they’re always insanely tight at the thighs every time i do.

I’ll have to check out the levi athletic blend mentioned.

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