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Clothes Shopping


Im 17, starting grade 12 this year. I want to share some things i noticed yesterday while shopping for new clothes.

  • A L shirt is too small in the chest and shoulders, while an XL shirt fits great but is way too long. (im a member of the vertically challenged)

  • Jeans with the right waist size of 32, the legs were way too small. Couldent even pull them up. I was forced to get a 36 waist, and use a belt, i even had to shorten the legs in one pair.

  • XL is manditory for a decent fitting hoodie, and some of those are still a bit too small.

Im sure 80% of the guys on this site are bigger than me, so im sure you know all about it. Im not what you would call BIG, im about 207 @ 5'8, but i like to think im bigger than the "average" 17 year old you see.

I can see this becomming more of a problem later in time... this is something i haven't really concidered before, but its starting to come a relaity now. I cant wait to fit in an XXL. Anyone else got anything to add?


I think there are a few of us with that problem on this site.

As far as jeans go, I've had good luck with Gap and Nautica brands, but only the loose fitting styles. I've found their waist and inseam measurements are more suited to short thick builds than any other brand I've tried.

Levi, and Calvin Klein are a waste of time as they seem to be styled for chicken legged types.

I can't really help you with the shirts, as I haven't noticed any consistency within a brand.


I'll say this about clothes: Gap shirts are the absolute best for those of us with the T build. Abercrombie and Bitch is made exclusively for hard gaining 14 year old boys that swim for exercise, so none of the clothes will fit anybody over 150 lbs. If you can find them, Unionbay jeans are a great fit for bodybuilders. Levi's red tab are a great fit if you're working on sweeping out those quads.


You need a woman ...she'll hook ya up and do ya up right!

Let a chic dress you, it may be uncomfortable at first ...but you'll turn more heads.



I pretty much stick with Levi's, but dabble in other brands, as long as they are loose fitting. 207 at 5'8"? I'd say your fairly big.

Echo merlin. Find a chick friend, and drag her out shopping with you. Probably won't even have to offer anything in trade, since most chicks dig shopping anyway. And add the fact that she will be telling you what to do, and she's sure to have a full-blown Barbie dress-up flashback. But make sure that she picks stuff that you are comfortable wearing. If you're not a khakis and polo shirt guy, make sure she understands that.


Are you friends with the girl in your avatar? Perhaps she would take me out...



I found that wranglers suit me better than any other jeans brand,if a pair of Levi's fits it's normally bad for the crotch.

I haven't noticed any good fitting brands for shirts either,though I will say I prefer going to a flea market and spending $50 and walking out with 20 or so shirts,can't be beaten.


Bullhead loose fit jeans from PacSun cheap and good fit. I cant get my arm through an Abercrombie or Hollister shirt and I definitely cant fit into CK. Sgns like these can only mean the clothes are geared toward skinny punks. Nautica and Polo makes good shirts I can live with, but living in florida Im mostly Tees cargo shorts and flip-flops everywhere I go.


I wear hollister pants, they work for me, but then again they're nut huggers if you don't mind tighter pants, the shirt material from A&F, Hollister, and American Eagle are very stretchy, I wear large and they seem to stretch to fit the arms and shoulders, I'm 5'7 so XL is way too long for me since I'm a bit vertically challenged myself :frowning:


I wear aero and ae jeans. If a shirt doesn't fit quite right try wearing a plain old white t shirt under it. I wear them with everything. Polos, band ts, anything.
I wear like 50% polos ect, and 50% band t shirts and stuff so It might not apply to all of you.

I personally like Aero vintage bootcuts as my favorite jeans. Look tighter then they feel. Super comfortable, looks good.


By the way don't always think that hollister, ae, act are gonna be massively expencive. If you're built the large, xl ect shirts will be the ones on clearence as skinny preppy guys don't fit into that stuff.

Hell if I was heavier I could of paid like 50% less for me shirts.