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Clothes for Athletic Men?

I might not be in the best section as I’m not sure if figure is only a female thing or there is a such a thing like male figure…

Anyhow, here’s my problem. I think I’m pretty average size guy but everytime I shop for clothes they never fit. Too tight in the legs and/or too loose around the waist, shirt way too big around the stomach and/or too tight around the shoulders and/or arms too short,…

Yeah some may just say to get them tailored them but it’s nice to have a nice pair of jeans that fits…

Do any of you know brand names that are designed for more athletic type of guy? I mean athletic as in with some muscle not athletic in yoga/triathlon/cross-fit/lululemon/…not that there is anything wrong with that…

If I’m in the wrong section let me know.


Try vuori

Post a picture. It is now mandatory when asking about clothes.

Well you must be more than athletic because I don’t have that much trouble. Jeans usually now have a size for length and another one for width so you can adjust. And I go for slim fit, straight cut is terrible for big legs. For shirts take slim fit or extra slim fit

much of what @aldebaran said …

OP, are you just grabbing any old shit off the rack from a given size? Like: “Hey I wear a Medium, let me grab this Medium shirt and try it on”

There are different cuts for sizes , at least for polos, button downs, etc. I look for Slim of Fitted cuts … they tend to be roomier in the shoulders/upper back and taper around the waste.

T-Shirts, I have zero problem with what you’re describing. I wear mediums as I have a short torso and larges look like dresses on me (I’m 5’8). I usually buy brands like Quicksilver, O’Neil, and other surf/skate type of shirts - they fit me very well, tend to have a more athletic cut (roomier in the shoulders and not too loose around the gut).

As for pants/jeans - I tend to wear Lucky Brand … I forget the cut but it’s more for athletic builds - bit more roomier in the thighs and a straight let cut (I don’t like tapered jeans). Again, though, there are different cuts/styles of jeans. Find out your length and waist measurements, find a durable, quality manufacturer of jeans and voila, there you go. A bunch of dudes on here like Wrangler and Levi’s but again I think they have different styles/cuts so - go with what works for you.

Same thing for off the rack slacks/khakis office/casual pants. Try a few different cuts on, see what works.

Dress pants, I get tailored. Full stop. It’s worth it to me.

I’m 6’3" 195-205lbs with a “sinewy” physique. Not jacked, but certainly look like i lift and my hobbies are doing mountain sports 2-3 days a week. I feel your pain. I wear a 32x34 pant, and its nearly impossible to find jeans that arent too tight in the legs at that waist, so i usually have to size up to a 34" waist which is way too loose in the waist, but fits in the legs. Same with shirts- i usually need an XL to get the length in the body and arms, but unless its a slimfit the shirt looks super baggy.

I have found that buying luxury brand jeans at outlet stores is my best bet- i buy Joes and Seven jeans, usually in an unhemmed length. Usually costs $70 in the store, then $10 at a drycleaners to get them hemmed. I accept this cost because they fit perfect, and i only buy a pair every couple of years. If all your clothes fit perfect, then you can spend a little more because you wont buy as many clothes items. I also will never buy pants that dont have stretch in them ever again. Legitimately life changing.

As for shirts, i try and buy “tall” sizes in an already fitted cut. This strategy usually works for sport shirts and polo shirts. With T-shirts i have found that shirts with a material blend fit better and drape better on me than 100% cotton. But i dont really wear t-shirts anywhere except the gym or out in the mountains so im not as concerned with fit. With dress shirts, its usually pretty easy to find my dimensions in a slim fit, but damn near impossible to find that on sale haha.

My thought is that it is always worth it to pay an extra $20 to get a piece of clothing tailored to get it where you love it. You will wear it more, and feel better in it, and buy new clothes less if you are still loving that pair of pants/shirt/etc.

Also underrated are fairly expensive underwear. Again, i get them at outlet stores, but they just tend to fit and support so much better (at least in boxer briefs) than cheaper brands. YMMV.

One thing to mention is that for slim fit stuff, generally going up a size is a good idea. Otherwise you just end up with a very tight shirt. Basically, you get a longer shirt, that is bigger in the chest and shoulders, and not a short winnie the pooh shirt.